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Have we been abandoned?
When was the last time a mod or Hiro posted anything? Remember when mods and moot would post here and then and it'd bring the community together to reply? I miss that.

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Hello! I write music. Please listen, maybe? If you write music, I'll listen too! You can share it here.
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LinuxMINT rage

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Ok so I install linux mint and, fresh

Package manager etc will not install programs just hangs

Ok use terminal wait no easy way to instal drop box need a bundle of dependancies unlcear what list is.

ok try to install veracrypt no clear way to to it for mint, also veraycrypt site hangs on download but same file can download on my OSX.

Why the fuck does linux just not work.

Wrong Turn

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"Wrong Turn" the country
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Which boards do you think have the highest average IQs? Which boards do you think have the lowest?
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Our Uruguayan bros still can post images all across 4chan. Lil guys are only like 3 million people. They can't do harm.

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There are too many cumbrains here
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