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New captcha wouldn't show up no matter what I did so I caved
How you guys doing
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How do I use "since4pass" and sage at the same time?
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Accept Monero

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accept monero for the pass please


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>poors not allowed edition
>On tour sub-edition


Do not bump
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Blue /soc/ board(s)

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Why can't we get /soc/ boards that are worksafe?

Whenever people start any thread on their respective hobby boards related to socializing or finding chat groups, mods always shut it down and tell people to take it to /soc/.
/soc/ is full of pseudo pick-up artists trying to share nudes, so the few threads dedicated to SFW chatting and socializing are never taken seriously due to being next to a thread of a man's asshole and a cock.

I want frens.

*Happy dance*

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I just realized I have 2 months left of being a vip user

Only Gon's can post in here.

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A place for Gon's around the world to post.

Seeing as my attempts to get more tripcodes in VIP was questionably successful it still didn't have that much of an impact.

So here's a new theme. Post as Gon (with a tripcode, if you desire) in this thread and this thread only.
I'm referring to the Masashi Tanaka character because I'm old and grew up with him as an unlockable character in Tekken, not the HunterXHunter character
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