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Is being a guy dating a lesbian the ultimate chad move?

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Think about it, if you're dating a lesbian, she has no desire to cheat on you with men, since she has no sexual attraction to them. If she ever ended up cheating on you, it would be with a girl, so you aren't really cucked to the same extent as you would be with a straight girl cheating on you with a guy. In fact, she might actually bring the other dyke along for a threesome. It's kind of like being muslim and finding out that your two wives are having sex, but instead of having them beheaded or some shit, you just fuck both of them.


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Help Anon,
the simulation has me.
Is there a way out or am I stuck in this bitch?
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/vip/ is a Christian Board
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Shroomjak in all fields.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

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Your turn, /vip/.
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Sometimes when I try to post it just says (Connection failure) and this is what's in the network console. I am using Firefox.
It looks like some sort of request header is not being set properly.
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So Will We

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OC nightmare fuel music video

freshly mixed nightmare fuel
got any science or philosophy lectures you want chopped up? lmk

One of the final codec sequences for metal gear solid 2, AI Colonel JD MGS2 remix

A.I. claims bots filter out junk information from social media and retrieve valuable truths in order to benefit the human species.
>Stop The Patriots to liberate America.
low fidelity science music video
feat grim adventures of billy and mandy

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Q is real and you cant convince me he not.