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U. S. reestablishment of the Nazi regime

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It has become more and more obvious that the U. S. Government, or large parts of it, are attempting to reestablish the psychopathic Nazi regime.
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what if no one thinks we're very important?
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You can only make ONE post in this thread a month. Let's see if we can make it to 2021!
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How are my /vip/ friends doing though?
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Do jannies give preferential treatment to pass users?

Asuka General

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/vip/ is rightful Asukachad clay!
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4chan pass + brave browser

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Anyone else having issues getting this to work on blueboards? on chan I can post just fine, but if I'm using brave on a blueboard it still expects the captcha. However the captcha never loads because I have the pass so I just can't post instead using Brave Browser.
Anyone have a work around?