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I need help to win three weeks of treatment for my cousin, just a simple "heart" to the photo

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Hello everyone ..... I'm Davide and I kindly ask you for a little help! A simple Like on this photo with my brother and Deasy by clicking on it, press the button with your heart to vote.
Only and exclusively in order to win NOT A HOLIDAY, but a 3-week REHABILITATION CYCLE at my ADELI Medical Center rehabilitation healing center on the occasion of their 15 * year of activity.
From today until February 28th I ask you for a Like a day!
Together we can do it!

Unsorted Image Collection thread (Part 1)

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Just posting a bunch of pics I've been saving and uploading on 4chan's other boards. Artworks, food, video games, etc... it's all here.

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Help me open a BitCoin wallet to renew my 4chan pass!

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This 4chan pass was the 2nd thing I bought with my first ever paycheck, but recently the site removed the option to pay for it with paypal or credit cards, and now I must have a crypto wallet to pay for it.

I've never done this before, and I wish to open a bitcoin wallet in order to pay for it.

Can you guys help me out? How do you open one? How did you folks do it?
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We wait.
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This is a slow board
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Which butt looks best?

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2004 or 2008?

Why does one or the other look better?