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Devlog & My Random Images

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Continuing on from >>93796 (which will probably disappear in not that long time, maybe some website archives /vip/, I don't really know, and I don't really care). Starting out, this gnarly art depicting the violent arcade beat-em-up Splatterhouse, because I think it's cool as fuck still.
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ITT: your main boards

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i'll start
>1) /biz/
>2) /tv/
>3) /ck/
>4) /v/vg/vrpg/
>5) /g/ (inb4 data mining thread)
>6) /mu/
>7) /a/
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nobody likes you.
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Sometimes when I try to post it just says (Connection failure) and this is what's in the network console. I am using Firefox.
It looks like some sort of request header is not being set properly.

/biz/ Crypto General

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What are you investing in, VIP frens?

I'm tethered up and waiting for a market crash but once that happens, I'll probably go all in on Monero.
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