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>buy $100 worth of Bitcoin on May 4th, 2021
>0.0018 BTC
>buy 4chan pass
>renew every year with the original BTC
>by 2025 still have enough BTC to pay for another 4 years of 4chan pass
>by 2100 still has 4chan pass and dies of old age before using up all remaining BTC

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>wanna renew pass
>bitcoin transaction fee is literally $15 right now
Wow what a fucking meme

Only dyslexics will understand

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Hey, /vip/, what is your favorite Mario Party? For me, it's MP3.
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Devlog & My Random Images

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Continuing on from >>93796 (which will probably disappear in not that long time, maybe some website archives /vip/, I don't really know, and I don't really care). Starting out, this gnarly art depicting the violent arcade beat-em-up Splatterhouse, because I think it's cool as fuck still.
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/vip/ says trans rights!
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newfag here, bought pass 2 months ago
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