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We Jakkers have been expelled from 109 boards (for no reason). I humbly ask for permission to end our Exodus and allow me and my brothers to settle here. Shalom!

Rrrolllll Your Panties, Too

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Are you there, Lain?
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ITT: films you've watched recently
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Goodnight VIP

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First goodnight
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Bring back /qa/ though!
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i don't know man I'm just making this thread because I know it'll here for several years. a feeling so complicated
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Is this the new /qa/?

This is allowed

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But heaven fucking forbid I or anyone else say something bad about trannies. /qa/ even got the boot because they dared to do something about the menace that’s been leaking out of its containment to the rest of the site. You people are insane for letting /lgbt/ continue to exist. If it for some reason MUST remain then why the fuck don’t the mods keep trannyshit boxed in like they do with ponyfuckers? It’s the exact same breed of degeneracy and yet the axe-wound monsters still roam around. You’re fucking unbelievable, 4chan. Shame on you.
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4chan pass + brave browser

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Anyone else having issues getting this to work on blueboards? on chan I can post just fine, but if I'm using brave on a blueboard it still expects the captcha. However the captcha never loads because I have the pass so I just can't post instead using Brave Browser.
Anyone have a work around?