Dokkan Battle

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Spooky summons saga
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king's raid

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romancing saga reuniverse

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a toast
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Cookie Run 4th Anniversary

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With the 4th anniversary fast approaching, let's go over some recent changes.
>New cookie: Melon Bun Cookie, and new pet: Prospector Moley
>New treasure: Melon Dynamite
>Roll Cake Cookie and Kiwi Cookie have gotten Super Epic costumes
>New event: Cheddar Mine Adventure
>Coming soon: Kiwi magic candy/buff and Goblin Cookie

Any speculations for the game's 4th anniversary?
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Guardian Tales

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Call of Duty Mobile

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Trackerfu edition

SEASON 10 THE HUNT has been released.
>Season 10 Patch Notes

>News and General Info

>Attachment ADS Times, Weapon Stats and TTK (some outdated info, pending updates)

>Informative YouTube channels

>Clan tag
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Morerer 0 sanity hours
Hazel without her hat edition
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Magicami MGCM

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Any of the new event dresses worth getting?

Also don't forget about the raid event. Only a couple days left. I swear if you motherfuckers screw me out of 1000 gems there will be hell to pay.
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Mario Kart Tour

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The long-awaited anniversary tour begins tonight

Last one: >>131463
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The "Meowza! Happy Illusion" Transient Summons is open, and the Prologue (Parts 1, 2, and 3) of the event story is now available!
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