Touhou LostWord Global Release

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>out on May 11th
Will you pick it up, /vmg/? Kinda useless to ask it elsewhere as people on its general on /jp/ are busier talking about the JP server instead
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Live A Hero:

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Fuckle With Huckle
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Girls Frontline

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Happy anniversary! Polarized Light event is up. What did you guys think of the story?
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Dokkan Battle

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Destined Rivals 3 saga
Chain Battle arrives 5/16 at 22:30 PST
Dokkan Battle wiki:
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Last Origin

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Global soon. Hopefully. Perhaps.
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Dissidia: Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

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Who's gonna pull for based Garland's BT?
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Battle Cats thread

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Are you enjoying Heavenly Tower?
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D4DJ Groovy Mix

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Godzilla is coming, are you ready?

>EN Disappointment
>RELEASE: May 27th

Saki's birthday soon
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Cookie Run Games: Tiers of Chaos

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Hello Cookie Runners! I'm a bit huffy because I had to rewrite this. Curse you, enticing threads! Making me click when I shouldn't! The most recent news is:

>The May update is here
>There was no problem and thus we didn't get compensation crystals. :(
>The Tower of Sweet Chaos is live, filled with more straight line hallways than you can shake a stick at
>Meet Pastry Cookie in the Gacha
>Fig Cookie is available as well, provided you draw him in his new event - Think Kumiho's but worse
>Pastry Cookie's loading screen has a grammatical error
>Merge cookie houses lvl 5 and up together to save space!
>People actually thought they would be unique houses for individual cookies
>Four new bond stories
>Aloe is coming, for real this time. I promise. Expect news soon
>Licorice's trial ends in two days! Get your rewards while you can!
>New PepBook: Treasure Mastery ends in two days!
>I miss Make it Shine
>12 days left in the Mentor/Mentee season! Love them!
>Bell Pepper Cookie Field Trip ends in two days! You see the pattern?
>Champion's League season ends in 13 hours! Unlucky!
>Get lobby designs you missed for $10! Like Birthday Cake Cookie's for example!
>Dark Enchantress' Costume Draw ends in 12 days!
Puzzle World
>Druid’s top path Storm & Ball Lightning upgrades needed a value boost versus other options versus other paths of other tower choices, so these have been given a small price buff for now.
>3xx Druid of the Storm price reduced from $2000 -> 1850
>4xx Ball Lightning price reduced from $5500 -> 5100
>Adora and Brickell have tied again for cutest hero

Have you gotten Fig Cookie yet? Do you feel the exp crisis is solved? (lol) Has the Tower of Sweet Chaos revitalized your desire to play?
Are you tired of the Cookiebots update yet like you were the Cookiemals? How will they shoehorn Sandwich into the next update? Any ingame crossovers you'd want? Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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