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Blue Archive JP

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If you play or want to play on the Japanese server of Blue Archive, and want to talk about it: post here.

Did you get Ako? Do you like how we're only getting 1 new Red Winter student and 3 alts? Excited about the new event? Etc etc
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Cookie Run Games: Jolly Merry and Holly Berry

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We've beaten the clock and gotten the new thread out in time for some update notes! The holidays are upon us! Here's the latest about three completely different games with different genres!

>A special holiday chapter releases involving the new cookies, Eggnog Cookie and Tiramisu Cookie!
>The community has already put sexualization before wholesome holiday cheer and will not let go!
>Story mode difficulty selection rework!
>New Treasure - Jingle Jingle Wreath! Break stuff and collect "footprint jellies" unrelated to Walnut's!
>Cookiemals, Chess Choco, Eggnog and new pets get costumes!
>Survival Run returns! Be the last one standing!
>Look at that ADORABLE winking Earl Grey button!
>Friendly Run is back again! ^ V ^ V ^ V
>The UI has been changed for the third time this year!
>Christmas has arrived to this hellscape of tragic tales!
>Play the story, collect frost crystals to roll the special gacha, do guild quests for loot!
>New season of Super Mayhem!
>Frost Queen Cookie and Cotton Cookie have arrived! Their gachas end in 49 days!
>New Item - Time Jumpers! Instantly clear beaten battles!
>Raspberry and Moon Wabbit are now available in the soulstone mileage shop!
>New sugar gnome tech!
>Bug fixes and reworks!
Puzzle World
>Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva

Which update will you be enjoying most? What are you grateful for this thanksgiving? Have you submitted and bought any packages this month? What do you think of the new costumes? Are you gonna win Survival Run this time? Up or down in Friendly Run? Why didn't relevant cookies get buffed? Are you having fun in Kingdom pvp? Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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btd6 busted strats

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post busted btd6 strats, idfk

Fire Emblem Heroes

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Did you summon for any unit on the newest Path of Radiance banner?
Who's your favourite artist and which unit is your favourite that they drew?
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Super String

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anyone playing this? It's like E7 but not chibishit.
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Bloons TD Battles 2

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Post your main towers so far:
>Quincy son of Quincy
>Tack Shooter
>Bomb Shooter

Girls Frontline

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Jashin-Chan collab's still going on! Plus confirmation that Ch13's finally going to global.
Fucking finally
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Touhou Lost Word

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The dumb bird and cat with 4 ears.
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Kal'tsit from Arknights
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Dragon Ball Legends

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Zenkai Ginyu and the Appule Army enter the fray, with Majuub confirmed for this month. It’s no longer the anniversary but there’s plenty worth doing, are you going to get ahead or fall behind?
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