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I just heard about this game from GachaGaming and it's surprisingly good.

>What is this
It's a hentai gacha game that got released in english just 2 months ago.
The translation is impressively professional, it's all Live2D fully voiced and the scenes are really nice.
Rates seem to be 2% SSR in general with 0,7% on rateup, or a 1% banner with only the rateup character in the SSR pool with a 100 pull pity.

Go until chapter 1-1 then grab everything from the missions and the box.
For tierfags you should aim for Noel > Satan > Iblis = Salucia > whatever
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Gaming on Samsung Galaxy's Fold line

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Just got my Galaxy Z fold 3 last week. Gaming on it feels and looks awesome. My favorite things that feel good are:
Pokemon TCG
Duel Links
ds/3ds emulators
slay the spire.
Game Pass
Marvel Revolution, (looks good but game is a bit of a slog)

Does anyone have good mobile gaming recommends for the galaxy fold line? I am not much of a mobile gamer but I really want to get into it now that I have the fold.
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Offline games for old phones

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My xiaomi 9 was stolen so I am stucked with a samsung j7. I have currently no access to wi fi and live in a third world country so I need offline games that will run smoothly in my phone. Bonus if they are free and rpgs

Dokkan Battle

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Extra Long Maintenance saga
Dokkan Battle Wiki:
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Date A Live: Spirit Pledge

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The long-awaited Devil is almost here, are you going to roll for her? Time to get the cutest paper!
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Dragon Ball Legends

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/dbg/ guild: h7ygsygw
Friend code: k2f3dd3e

Now that most of the hype characters are through, it’s difficult to predict what comes next. Who are you excited for?
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Brawlstars thread.
The last recent one was 404'd, don't fill this one up with club bickering...
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Last Origin

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She hates you. Global version coming soon.
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Alice Gear Aegis

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is also available on pc! If your phone can't run it give it a shot on your computer
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Destiny Child

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