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Cookie Run Games: Aloe-ha!

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Hello Cookie Runners! Welcome back to the few places where you can indulge in wanting to make love to a three inch pastry. We sit on the cusp of content, awaiting the following:

>Season 3 has begun
>Strawberry Crepe Cookie is now available in the gacha
>He and Black Raisin Cookie are available for 16 more days
>The third kingdom pass is available to buy a star-jelly producing bridge that you can put two cookies on to take a screenshot for easy Twitter clout
>Super Cookiebots update is in a few hours
>Meet Bell Pepper Cookie, the newest shota
>Bell Pepper's Field Trip - Complete missions to navigate a minefield and find out what happens in his adventure
>New treasure: New PepBook - Turns Jellies into other jellies worth points. Look away from Starlight Nightlight, this is totally unique
>Custom Runs make their return. Finish in first place and get slapped down to fourth, only without Trophy loss - New Lobby available as a prize
>Ion Cookie Robot, Wasabi and Aloe receive new costumes
>New jelly shape set for sale, as per usual
>Aloe makes HER return mid-may
Puzzle World
>Protocol 3
>Protect the Pilot
>Trust me.
Warhammer: Vermintide 2
>Chaos Wastes is fun. I have yet to find good randos to beat Champion Difficulty with me

That's all for now. Don't forget to spend all your Diary Gems! What are your thoughts of the upcoming content? Underwhelmed/Excited? Did you even WANT Aloe Cookie over (other cookie)? How many more times should they shove Sandwich Cookie into your face? Discuss all things Cookie Run!