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Cookie Run Games: Clashin' Fashion

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Hello Cookie Runners! If you're looking for games involving cookies, running and takis, these threads are for you! The latest news is as follows:

>Super Fashion Week (month) - Pick your side and collect materials as the dedicated unpaid intern and get a costume as a reward at the end!
>New Cookie - Sour Belt Cookie!
>Hipster Fashion Guide - Simp for Sour Belt Cookie until you get rewards!
>Costume of the Year! - You're voting for the costume! Not the cookie! People will do it anyways!
>Rating Rush - Get rewards for inflating the trophy run player count!
>Treasure Trials - Apply a fixed combi and aim for higher scores and rewards!
>Custom Runs for the next TWO MONTHS - Don't worry, you can use Invocation Cards...!!!
>Chocolate Bonbon Cookie in the next update!
>Some guy nobody's ever heard of called Sonic the Hedgehog has an event!
>Collect rings, emeralds and collect Sonic and Tails Cookie!
>One week left in the featured draw for Moon Rabbit and Raspberry Cookie!
>More updates coming in a week!
Puzzle World
>Please Burger Cookie, I just want to see my wife again...

Which side have you chosen? Why? Which costume do you predict will win? Thoughts of the two new cookies? Events? Champion League? Have you gotten Sonic or Tails? Hollyberry? Predictions for the future of Cookie Run? 9/12 months! Have you been here this whole year, or did you hop on recently? Whaddaya think?
Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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