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Blue Archive JP

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This thread is made for civil discussion about the JP server for Blue Archive.

Did you roll for Ako or are you saving for the NY banners? How is your Decagrammaton farming going?
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Idoly Pride

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How are you guys doing in summer event?
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Pangya M

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When the fuck is it actually coming out?
Will it play like the original instead of Pangya Mobile?
Will is actually be good?
Will NCSoft fuck it up like they fuck up literally everything?
Surely some Koreabros on this site can share any news.

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The fuck is going on with Eiyuu Senki? Did they admit it's dead in EN yet?
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Gems of War

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Anyone still plays this shit? I recently came back after over 5 years and can't stop playing. It's addictive as fuck, more than these years ago. It's amazing being able to play at my own pace, without any energy bullshit.

AI still as stupid as ever.
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Idle Angels

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Just started this. Is it possible to enjoy f2p?
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