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Princess Tales

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Anyone playing this AFK arena clone? Seems more F2P friendly
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SDS Grand Cross

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Stranger things collab is going on right now. Geez, no thread even though this is the first live action collab in SDS?

Man, I just have to admit myself that this game is kinda shitting on itself. There's not really much content. I just log in and do dailies and that's it. Once you get to Champion 5 there's no point in trying hard in PvP since you only get a few extra diamonds by getting ranked up. 50 gems is good enough to me.

Eh, didn't mean to start this off with a rant, but I can kinda see why there's no thread going on for this game.
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Why aren't you playing counterstrike on your phone Anon?

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You're not still playing P2W gatcha games, are you?
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Post your installed games. Other anons guess what kind of person you are
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Wild Rift

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Can't find any thread on mobile lol Wild Rift, noone here playing this shit?

It's kind of fun, if yes what champs are you playing?

For me Akali and Lee Sin are the most fun, also Evelynn, she's kinda broken
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Gachas Shutting Down

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Thread dedicated to any news involving gachas closing down.
Arc The Lad R just announced that they're shutting down their services on June, Sakura Kakumei also announced closing down not so long ago.
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Yo, this game is fun but ran by a chinese company. Do I have to worry if Microsoft cucked to the ccp?

assault lily last bullet

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Releases on the 20th of this month.Anyone else planning on getting into it?
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Dokkan Battle

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Rape Ape saga
Have you knelt and accepted golden great ape goku as your new god yet? What category missions have you cleared for the new LGTE so far bros?
Dokkan Battle wiki:
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