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Why can't Westoids make a good gacha game that is competitive with the Asian ones?

We all know that Western extremely greedy jews are capable of doing that considering the fact that you have some inhuman micro-transactions even in single player games now, yearly FIFA/COD/BF and some other shit. Subhuman lootboxes, battle passes and all that manipulative crap.

Yet gachas are somehow Chinese/Japanese only so far.
I'm not saying it's a good genre or anything, I have pretty low opinion about all that shit. Just curious about the absence of it on the West.
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What's the easiest way to copy the best townhall level 6 layout, I don't want to build it myself

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Clash Royale and Risk are the only acceptable mobile games I've played and I've gone thrown hundreds. Most mobile games are stuffed with ads, pay to win bullshit, timers, or are just grindfests.

Clash Royale is actually a live multiplayer game with up to 4 players and risk is the same.

The only other games that are fun are chess and poker but I don't consider them games.

There was one japanese adventure game that was well fleshed out and fun and interesting called Dandy Dungeon unfortunately the creator went defunct.

A mobile game cannot be considered good unless it can be played with one hand in my opinion. Mario Run was okay as well but obviously pozzed in terms of what the consoles are capable of.
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Any recommendations on mods for minecraft pe?

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I downloaded a bunch of dungeons mods, but im searching for new mobs and some new weapons would be cool too, any recommendations?

Honkai: Star Rail

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What's the consensus? Can it match the Genshin's wild success?
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Dokkan Battle

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Puzzle & Dragons (PAD)

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A catgirl is fine too.
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Can we have a thread about Bluetooth Gamepad Compatibility? I just bought pic related and it worked fine with Retroarch, KOF AllStar, RockMan X Dive and Contra Returns, but the majority of the Android games never work natively. Which other games have full controller support? Is worth the risk of installing a key mapping app?

Fire Emblem Heroes

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Thoughts on the most recent refine batch, which includes the CYL3 units, Legendary Ephraim, and Legendary Lyn?
What game do you think will be featured for the next new Heroes banner?
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