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Fate is declining

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Why is Fate declining? It seemed unstoppable 2 years ago.
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Nier Reincarnation EN pre register

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Star Ocean: Anamnesis

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You all laughed at me.
I waited silently and patiently.
I knew my man would get freed one day.
Who's laughing now?????
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How much money have you spent on mobile games?
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laugh at globalfags thread

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>he plays on global servers
>he willing to play not only Japanese kusoge, but watered down gaijin kusoge that’s designed to die in the first year
>he’s content with getting sloppy content seconds
imagine being a globalfag.
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Ni No Kuni: Cross World

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What do you guys think of this game? It looks like it's gonna be an open-world action RPG mobile MMO, sounds kinda cool to me...

Tho I'm worried the western distribution is gonna be shite...

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Picked this up at the app store's reccomendation, expected nothing, but it actually seems surprisingly good.
Anybody else play this?

ITT: Good /vmg/ music

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