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Post your favorite gacha girl and rate others. If you don't know the character just go off of their appearance.
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Paid games like Ghost Trick or Ace Attorney or that one waifu dungeon game? Anyone have any wild jp recommendations? Hot take I think Evertale is mediocre

Brawl Stars

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season 9
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Goodbye Magireco NA, so when is Ashley coming to JP?
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MidnightGirlsR (JP Mobile HGame)

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Anyone spend any time on this? I only recently found out that it has a mobile download but I've been casually doing logins and have amassed a large number of quality scenes with good VA's and art.

I don't know much about the story because it acts like a nukige, but good character designs and fetish stuff if you can speak Nip.

Sony Xperia PRO vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

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Which phone has the best performance to play video games: Sony Xperia PRO or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra?

I have investigated the performance of both phones and the little information I have found says that Sony Xperia PRO has more performance for video games than Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra but I still cannot decide

What is your opinion regarding the performance between Xperia PRO and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra for playing video games?

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Has anyone got any luck emulating kusoges on loonix?

Server anárquico para Minecraft Bedrock MCPE

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```Servidor anárquico para Minecraft Bedrock
1.17.40 - 1.17.41```

*Datos del Servidor:*
*PVP, Sin reglas, Sin baneos..*

Nombre del servidor:*SE2PW*
*Link directo*:

_Mas información_

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Can I beat the Crazed Lizard with this lineup? (levels for each unit will be in the comments)

Everdale. leak+music

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Leak: (Emotes)

Music: ( 4×flac and all 21 tracks in the game + the mix they released