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SIN Nanatsu no taizai Xtasy

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This game is actually pretty good
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Dokkan Battle

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Pettan Battle Season 3 saga
It's time to collect those sticker cards again anon!
Super Vegeta announced as the next dokkanfest!
Dokkan Battle wiki:
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Post your installed games. Other anons guess what kind of person you are
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Dokkan Battle

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Global Sixth Anniversary, Part 3 saga
Part 3 begins later tonight!
Upcoming content,
>LR Goku & Frieza EZA
>Warriors of Universe 7 EZArea
>Explosive Chain Battle
>The final GoD stages
Dokkan Battle wiki:
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Anyone know any good mobile games that aren't gachas or pat to win/play?
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What are the best multiplayer games with a ranked system on mobile?

What are some non-pay to win games?

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Touhou Lost Word

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Jannies, this game is the only way you will ever be a woman. Now fuck off and let us talk about the game.
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Does any game have the same battle mechanic as FFBE? This is the first and last time I got hooked to a gacha game. I tried a lot of gacha games, but almost every single one has a super autistic battle mechanic. Either you stare at the screen for minutes then press the ult, or build your team to deal as many damages as possible no matter what.
I want a game where I can actively involve in the battle, make or plan my next move, or actively build and change my team based on every trial.

SM dx2

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Any Shin Megami dx2 bros here? Was giving it a go and got sick of rolling so these are my two best...Should I stick with the account with more five stars even if I have to give up that fine piece of ass Ishtar?
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