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Dragalia Lost

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Did you roll DYLily? How far are you into the game? Have you beaten LVolk? Looking forward to the story? How are your festivities going?
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Game recommendations based on this

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I used to play hearthstone, clash of clans, clash royale. Got tired of hearthstone because I binge and get tired of decks quickly(got 200+ wins in like a week) with not enough resources like gold or dust to come by. Ever since KoTF, JtU, KnC rotated, Ive been playing wild ever since, played all the aggro decks and even speedrun legend once. Clash royale was just shit matchmaking. I really dont like matching against overlevel opponents with no chance of winning. It really mattered since I cant one shot using spells. CoC was just me getting tired of base defense since I played another one(backyard monsters)

Currently playing daillies impact and grindgrisser. Recommend me games that I'd like

Horus Heresy Legions HHL

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What is it: Card/deckbuilding game based in Games Workshops Heresy era setting.

How much: Freemium. 100% viable to play free and get to top tier with starting warlord.

Get it here:

June Meta report:

Current Event: Pluto; Imperial Fists vs Alpha Legion, aka 'which IF can spam turrets moar'
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Good Mecha games?

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any good Mecha game that isnt gundam breaker?
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D4DJ Groovy Mix

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We were robbed, Pikibros...
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Hello, I'm a mobile gamedev

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I've got my sights on making a IDLE game for android/ios so I was hoping you could help me with my game design.
This is what I've already decided on
>2.5D visuals with emphasis on soothing colors
>NO ads but IAPs that don't prey on you too much
>NO gacha system or 'extra' currencies
I want to make a game that people enjoy playing while they....Idle. I'm not worried about not making money at all.

What I don't have an idea about
>tfw no clue what the actual game should be that attracts people
>an actual end game with a redo mechanic with unlockables like a NG++
What themes or plot etc etc I have no idea so far and I can't pin down a comfy theme for this.

Help me out. Thank you!
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ITT: Seedship and other text games

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I've been looking for similar stuff on the play store but havent found much. Still a pretty fun game on its own & I've installed it a few times by now

You guys know any similar ones?

Java/J2ME Thread #2

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If gachas are so good why there are no (and never will be) community servers?
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