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Aigis 8th Anniversary 11/25 15:00JST

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Not really for EOP. The wiki has a lot of info in english. If you need help, ask the wiki or discord. Popular DMM game playable on browser at DMM or download from app stores or DMM app. It's a lewd girl tower defense game. You can start now if you don't want to reroll and want to get chibis or reroll after maintenance with the random black tickets, multi tickets, hero banner. Best banner to go for is hero, specifically Arge, unless new hero is better.
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Enough with the zoome gachas. Post classic boomer mobile games.
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Exos Heroes S5

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Season 5 dropped.
Is it time for a revival or is the dream dead?

Shin Megami Tensei Liberation D x 2

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Berserk event is live once again. Who knows when or if this even will return due to the mangakas passing.
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How are there still zero good mobile mmos?
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KOF All Star: 3rd Anniversary

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It finally happened, we're into the Booba Meta
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Alice Gear Aegis

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Chink version now available
Please play our mecha musume shooting game
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Puzzle & Dragons (PAD)

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A catgirl is fine too.
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got a long journey tomorrow, what's some mobile games i can d/l that won't destroy my wallet, data or battery
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Death Palette - Matsuro

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Have you painted your waifu yet?
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