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Is there a gacha or multiplayer game that I can collect cute little boys? Or at least with lolis that do not evolve into busty waifus to become strong?
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Azur Lane alternatives

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I really like it, but I have a feeling I’m missing other, better gachas. Gonna install Girl’s Frontline and try that.
Is Azur Lane dead?
Also any recommendations would be appreciated
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Did they need to make her milkers even bigger Aqua is already stacked.

>Not complaining


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Tactical RPG...
What is the best in mobile?
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VN Mobile recommendations

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Moe ninja girls is a nice vn but has gacha elements attached to it. I dont mind anything as long as it can be ran on iOS
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What happened to the cod mobile threads? It's been a while.

WH40k Lost Crusade

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What do you guys think?