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What's the most popular mobile space games with multiplayer?

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Snootgame has an android version
go play it
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A game I was playing a couple years ago on iOS. Gacha/Anime/JRPG. 64-bit looking combat graphics. Post apocalyptic where you are part of a group of survivor's using grimoires to summon fallen angels/demons to fight in a resistance against gods army. I know at one point there is a big battle and you think you one and one of the gods army appears and obliterates pretty much everyone and they say one of the trumpets of the end was heard. The Four Arch angels are leading the resistance against gods army. All units in the game are female. Anyone know the name?

New HHL expansion soon

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I haven't played horus heresy legions for pretty long time, still login and check shop everyday, want to make deck for diffrent faction. I personally really want to see hathor maat in game.
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Anyone know any good Idle games?
Like RPG-ish, nice visuals...
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is it a meme?
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>Revived Witch
>Blue Archive
>Seven Knights II
>Ragnarok Origin
>all within 2 days
>Miku Colorful Stage
>Figure Fantasy
>Final Fantasy Battle Royale (i'm sickened but curious)
>this month

Holy fuck bros which one do I pick up?

Which are ya'll playin?
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