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WH40k Lost Crusade

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What do you guys think?

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>Spent £23.99 on an in-game purchase because faggots on /vmg/ called me a poorfag
>Immediately realised they were fucking retards and it was a stupid decision

Fuck microtransactions, fuck gacha, and fuck you.
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Why do gacha fags care so much about what is at the top? Apparently genshin killed fgo, and then uma musume killed genshin. Why is everything not at the top a dead game to you retards?
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Fighting Legend saga
GT LGE announced for global!
Dokkan Battle wiki:
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What does /vmg/ think of Disney’s “Twisted Wonderland”?
What do you think of the story so far ?
What do you think of the content so far ?
What would you fix or add?

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Does having the latest phone actually make a difference when playing games?
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How can I get good, /vmg/?
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