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The Battle Cats thread

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Guaranteed uber never ever again
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Romancing SaGa Re;Universe

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In which we enjoy Ellen's and Final Empress' bountiful watermelons and wait for more clowns
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Alice Gear Aegis

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Chink version now available
Please play our mecha musume shooting game
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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Will you summon on this year's Pirate banner?
Thoughts on the upcoming Seals (Spur Atk/Def, Steady Breath)?
What are your expectations for CYL that's coming soon? Who do you think the associated GHB will be?
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KOF All Star: Netmarble fucked us over Edition

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Carnival to get one SS memory
Rush Dungeon
Nightmare Geese is the new Guild Boss
Any hopes of Kyo and Iori being farmable is kill

Thanks for fucking nothing Netmarble
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World Flipper

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Why nobody is playing this shit? It's so good and the characters are so amazing.
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Identity V

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An IDV thread here to talk about the new fishgirl.
See her abilities revealed
and some of her background

Who wants to bet her limited skin will look awful?
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Mobile Legends

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I just started to play this, what i can expect?
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Cookie Run Games: Seas and Teas

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Hello Cookie Runners! We meet again within content and thankfully, in a better situation than last time. Looking to get caught up? Here's what we have:

>New update is here - Part 2 coming soon - Meet Bellflower and Ginseng Cookie!
>New Breakout map - Fragrant Lotus Paradise!
>Invocation Cards have been removed from most modes!
>Skill activation delays have been reverted!
>Cookie Rumble - Re-experience the Dragon's Valley Adventure! Ends in 21 days!
>MAX UP Event - Sorbet Shark! Get an easy Level 15 Cookie! Highly recommended!
>Panacea Pestle/Daily Run and Fun/Custom Runs have a bit over a week left!
>Friendly Run returns soon! Again!
>Get the new Carrot/Beet/Spinach costumes!
>Soda Island Outlaws - Continue the nautical adventure!
>Sorbet Shark Cookie is now available in the gacha!
>Ink Hooks - Collect them and gain a chance to draw Squid Ink Cookie!
>Surely it isn't rigged like the other events to offer a low chance of getting her near the end!
>Tropical Raids - Fight and help friends deal with an angry squid that can always be forgiven for murder!
>More sinks available at the Sugar Gnome Laboratory!
>Fig has been added to the mileage shop if you didn't get him in the event!
Puzzle World
>Updated the Localization Files
>Heavy Weapons Guy Cookie update (soon)

How are you liking the new updates? What do you think of Tropical Raids/New Breakout? With Invocation Cards reverted, is Ovenbreak good enough for you again? Have you thanked your local anon for art/media/archiving today? What are your hopes for a future update? You may edit/add one (1) relationship tag to any cookie - Who do you choose? Can you remind me who your favorite cookie is? Enjoy the thread! Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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Touhou Gachas

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Touhou Danmaku Kagura, a new rhythm game made by DeNA and Aquastyle, will be out on August 4th. Picture related are the starting characters. It gets songs from every known circle, and it will be the first rhythm game with OST from the original touhou games.
Touhou Dungeon Dive got a big update 2 days ago that added spell cards and stuffs. I think it's finally qualified as a standard game now.
Touhou Lost Word ...... fuck the whale tower. I need to feed those stupid fairies just for more usable units.
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