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Clash of Clans thread

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Thoughts on the new update soon? Also what are some of your best attack strategies?
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Girls Frontline

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Happy anniversary! Polarized Light event is up. What did you guys think of the story?
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Dokkan Battle

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Battle Against Goku saga
Are you ready for GT LGE tonight bros? Do we think it will really be ESBR levels of difficulty?
Dokkan Battle wiki:
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Games with cute guys, made for the female Japanese audience.

Tears of Themis closed beta soon
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>Spent £23.99 on an in-game purchase because faggots on /vmg/ called me a poorfag
>Immediately realised they were fucking retards and it was a stupid decision

Fuck microtransactions, fuck gacha, and fuck you.
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AFK Arena

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Battle of blood is back, remember to trade your fangs for red emblems because everything else has shit value
Also, anniversary events coming soon
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Mario Kart Tour

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The Ninja Tour, featuring a new course, is currently on-going.
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Games people on this board that people are missing out on. Best golf game I've ever played and it's aesthetic af.
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New thread because the previous one was sinking
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Wild Rift

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Can't find any thread on mobile lol Wild Rift, noone here playing this shit?

It's kind of fun, if yes what champs are you playing?

For me Akali and Lee Sin are the most fun, also Evelynn, she's kinda broken
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