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Puzzle & Dragons (PAD)

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Karin Story in NA
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Illusion Conncet

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Welcome back to /vmg/
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Tales of Rays / Crestoria

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For my 5 Raysbros. Coping Crestycucks can come in too.

Rays anniversary is soon.
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Fate/GO JP Thread

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How's the farming going?
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Kings Raid

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>tfw dispatching TM 4 with scuffed and hurriedly put together gear
25k stamina for like 15 random pieces. So this is the endgame?
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Mario Kart Tour

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Last race: >>397551
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King of Fighters: All Star

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How are your SS rolls going?
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22/7 Ongaku no Jikan

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Anyone else still playing Aniplex's failed idol rhythm game? New project has a contest to select 11 new girls to become the kouhai of the original cast. You can vote for 3 girls (one vote per girl) per day. There's also this SNS you can join to double the weight of your votes. Results are announced in May.
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Live A Hero:

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Fuckle With Huckle
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Alchemy Stars

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