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Less than a week left to farm for half-elf twins.

Go until chapter 1-1 then grab everything from the missions and the box.
For tierfags you should aim for Daphne Bloom > Lulu = Satan > Iblis = Salucia = KS-VIII > whatever

Recruit filter:

Team Building:

/vmg/ guild#:
(Make sure to have/vmg/ in your profile comment to gain priority)

CG/video archive: see next post
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So apparently a new mobile game is coming out.
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Code Geass Genesic Re;Code

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Guess it will soon belong to here.
Gotta get familiarized with board.
Any geassfags around here, what are you expecting from this?
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>Paragon Towers
>Boss Bloons
What do you guys think of them? Would it have been better to just wait to put these in the next installment instead?
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Mario Kart Tour

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Space Tour is live
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Date A Live: Spirit Pledge

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The cutest wife and daugtherwife are in the gachapool right now, time to dump your load of diamonds on them!
Also, join the club discord
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Assault Lily Last Bullet

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Anyone still playing this game?
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BlazBlue Alternative Dark War/BBDW

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Next event soon, be sure to clear Story Mode.
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D4DJ Groovy Mix

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How was the anniversary JP friends?
Don't get too comfy, Troupe Cutetopia -Arabian Nights- Medley begins in 2 hours.

Next event leaked is __slots__
feat. Dalia and Marika
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Langrisser Mobile

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Alpha/Transcendent this week
Apex Playoffs on the weekend
Lana's Figure on Pre-Order
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