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Magicami MGCM

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Previous thread: >>194623

Last thread died. So here's a new one. Dead week. Nothing interesting to discuss. Just some average banners and a collab event. Also Lilly is best girl. El Psy Kongroo.
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Identity V

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A thread for IDV.
What do you think goes through the mind of a friendly hunter?
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Dragon Ball Legends

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/dbg/ guild: h7ygsygw
Friend code: k2f3dd3e

3.0 update
>Tournament of Power mode
>Able to delete adventures
>"Haste" feature will let you shorten the time required in Adventures and Training!
>PvP prebattle loading screen showing you the character selections of both players
>The amount of Equipment you can sell at once will increase from 20 to 50
>You can auto-select Equipment to sell
Yep I'm thinking based.
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Romancing Saga Re;Universe

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Last thread's reaching 600 posts.
SaGa Frontier 1 Remastered Banners released yesterday!
JP gets IRPO (SS Fuse, Doll, Cotton, S Rabbit and A Silence) and Gradius (SS Emelia, Lyza, Roufas, Ren and Annie) banners.
Global gets Orlouge banner (SS Orlouge, Zenon and Golden Lion Princess)
Are ya winnin', son?
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Princess Connect

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Anyone else playing this?

It has both JP and EN servers and it's extremely generous with top tier girls to roll for.
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Brawl stars

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Eiyu*Senki WW3

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Release a shit
Team handling the game a shit
Gameplay is actually GOOD?!

Current Event is Masamune's Forgery Scandal. Remember to use Gil as a support for free 30% boosts

Current Gacha: "Bro just gimme 15k gems if you want your own Gilgamesh I promise"

Also remember to bully Himitrash
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D4DJ Groovy Mix

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Godzilla is coming, are you ready?

>EN Disappointment
>RELEASE: May 27th

Saki's birthday soon
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>Ingrid added
for fucks sake
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