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Teppen Thread

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A thread for the Capcom CCG/Fighting Game/Auto-Chess hybrid thing by GungHo.

The theme for Phoenix Wright's EX Skin over Chun-Li just came out:
We're also due for some patch notes for the usual month-after-set-drops balance update in a week or so.
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Punishing Grey Raven

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Alpha in 2 days
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Atelier Online

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Coming out July 8th. Any Atelierfags here? Will you be playing it?
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Re:Stage Prism Step

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Please try Re:Stage
It's an idol rhythm game with a very distinct gameplay, great original songs, and cute girls
Also had an anime few years back
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Tales of Mobages

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Tales of the Rays

Tales of Crestoria

Enjoying Cresty's anniversary? Or the Rays "Family Bonds" festival? Asteria discussion also welcomed.
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Contra Returns

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All things relating to this new release
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KOF All Star: Netmarble fucked us over Edition

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Carnival to get one SS memory
Rush Dungeon
Nightmare Geese is the new Guild Boss
Any hopes of Kyo and Iori being farmable is kill

Thanks for fucking nothing Netmarble
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Bleach Brave Souls

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>Ichigo/Rukia rerun is live
>Main movie banner will stay for another week
>Senbonzakura premium shit no one wants
TYBW is dead (again), SAFWY is no where to be found yet. The only thing we know there is to be excited about is 6th anniversary in 2 months, so what are you keeping busy with? I'm trying to figure out how to finish floor 48 of IoT with my meager units in a minute.
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Afk Arena

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Thali is cute! CUTE!
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