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epic seven thread

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play the animation
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Slime Isekai Memories thread, as we are obviously way too slow for veegee.
Dark Milim, Veldora, Shion(protector)/Diablo until the 30th of November.
Remember to get your "free" light Milim dupes for your light support stat stick as well as your daily 5 event predator entries for skill upgrades.
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Super Auto pets

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Theres nothing wrong with winning with a beatstick
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World Flopper, not a general

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Jannies hate gennies
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Dissidia: Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

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Any Auronchads get his LD?
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The Battle Cats

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Heavenly Tower Soon™
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new rpg mobile game?

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Will you rate ProjectSEED's soon-to-be-released game? Titled Outland Odyssey? it's a p2e nft game, saw some reviews from its trailer on youtube. what do you think?

Tales of Mobages

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Brave Nine

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Another Eden

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A new thread for Another Eden! Antiquity Mythos is complete, Goddess of Time Part 2 is complete. The Barukoki interlude is coming up, and then it'll be Ocean Palace 2 and then the new Future Mythos. Any guesses on where things will go next?
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