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Games for the josei audience. Yumefujo catfights may occur.

I was thinking of making this Halloween-themed, but we all know /vmg/'s so slow this one will last us for like a month or two, anyway. What's your favorite boy-collecting simulator up to this month, /vmg/?

Months without a red event 5* in enstars: about to become three, because HE's brain trust is run by a hamster running furiously on a wheel
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Are there any mobile games like genshin that don't feel like a mobile game?

I mean a game that isn't hub based, with a home page, chibi shit etc... Trying to play other gacha games after playing genshin just feels like ass, I wanted to like honkai and other new games but they just suck cock.
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Fate/GO NA Thread

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Alright lads, here are the cheapest set-ups I can find for Ishtar fest CQs.

1st: vs Bride, OH LALA, and Use Me...
>Bikini dork

2nd: vs Eric Bloodaxe, king of the Bloody Axe who wields a Blood stained Axe
>Mecha Liz

3rd: vs Gorgons
>Shi Huang Di
>Bikini dork

4th: vs Clown
>welfare Ishtar + Skadi

5th: Liz Quest

>poo god

7th: ROMA
>Bedi + Jason
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Punishing Grey Raven

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Alpha in 2 days
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King of Kinks

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did you give her the d yet?
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Sdorica Eclipse

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Did you get what youdid wanted from summer?
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Any games like Persona, Nier: Automata, FE or MH?

Gacha's are alright with me, and hot girls are a plus.
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Princess Connect! Re:Dive

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Are you ready for summer?
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Thread's been dead for a few days so let's try making a new one

Teppen is a real time card game developed by GungHo featuring playable Capcom characters from RE, SF, MH, DMC, MMX, Darkstalkers, Okami, Sengoku Basara and additional cards from IPs such as Ace Attorney, Strider and BoF.

The game is 2 years old and fully playable as F2P, with expansions releasing every two months
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Sonic Forces Speed Battle

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Don't see a thread about this. Why not? Any rumors? Whatchu maining?

Don't at all care about this baseball event. Merely joined Team Amy cause I'd fuck Amy, but neither or their drops look particularly impressive to me.
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