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Play BR and grind for Spotter Gottem class. Also clan name: /VGM/

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Recomend me some shmup games.
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You did pull for him right? Also I have no idea why they didn't bring back Semester 2020.
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Which ending did you get first? alter ego thread
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Anon, what gachas do you have installed?

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Title. I'm looking for some gachas to play and delete some I only login and exit.
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What phone do you use for gaming? For me it's the iPhone 8.

Mobile Rhythm Games

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>Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
>haven't played any rhythm games in my phone
>buy and download Muse Dash because I enjoy it on PC and have been dealing with some blackouts, so wanted something to play in the meantime
>massive delay between tap and music, have to set the offset to around .180 to match
>certain taps were not being detected, especially fast ones
>have to buy the DLC all over again if I want all the songs

Which has made me wonder if I should start looking for new phones that could play rhythm games reliably now that I'm getting close to change mine. I've read that iPhones are the best option, but I'd prefer avoiding anything Apple-branded.

What other games would you recommend? What phone models are you using?
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