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Pikmin Bloom

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Walk around, raise pikmin, BLOOM
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Heaven Burns Red

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Upcoming RPG made by Wright Flyer Systems and Key.
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Genshin Impact

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Anyone else playing this? I recently got into it because I saw this girl and decided to give the game a try so now I'm looking for other people also playing this to talk about it
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Ragnarok Online Mobile Games

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The last ROX thread died and the /vm/ RO threads are riddled with pserver schizos so let's try again with general RO mobile port discussions. Discussion of any RO mobile game welcome (ROX, ROM, ROO, etc)
>What port are you playing?
>What server are you on?
>What are you farming for?
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Fantasia Re:Build

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>what is Fantasia Re:Build?
A Fantasia Bunko crossover RPG. It will feature light novel characters from Fujimi Fantasia Bunko. The story is being done by the writer of Date A Live (Koushi Tachibana) and character designs by the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor illustrator (Kurone Mishima).

Anyone else looking forward to it?
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Tokyo 7th Sisters

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>777 free rolls over 20 days
>Please play our game
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Are you addicted to any videogame?

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What is your favorite videogame?

Do you consider it addictive?

My favorite videogame is Clash of Clans and I have developed an addictive dependency on it

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I haven't touched Gachas in years and it's time to get back in the hole. Help me pick the best ones, anons.
I already played/watched a bit of each and categorized them on first impression but you tell me if I'm making a grave mistake.
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Onigiri Heroes

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Released yesterday, but the game already exists (and closed) in PC version on 2013.
MMORPG without auto
Additional Download: 5GB

Sword Girls

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Is there any news on it? Can you play it outside of KR?
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