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Play BR and grind for Spotter Gottem class. Also clan name: /VGM/
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Announcements tomorrow, next summer event will have loli Da Vinci as a welfare and a new costume for Achilles.
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Best paid mobile games

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What are some of the best paid mobile games? I’ve got some extra money and want something really fun, I’m on iOS
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Live A Hero:

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Fuckle With Huckle
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Date A Live: Spirit Pledge

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The Rerun for the hottest clock has arrived, are you going to spend your time (and money) for her?
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Metal Slug Attack

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I need more Yoshino in my life

Utawarerumono : Lost Frag

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About to start playing this, any good thoughts on this game?
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Star Ocean: Anamnesis

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You all laughed at me.
I waited silently and patiently.
I knew my man would get freed one day.
Who's laughing now?????
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I need some feedback on my game

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I released this solo game a few weeks ago and posted here, got some great feedback and made improvements for all the problems people saw that I couldn't. So I have come back with the improved game and would love to hear about people's first experience with it.

Thank you, I hope to make a game with a unique game mechanic that doesn't spam monetization or sacrifice the gameplay for it.

22/7 Ongaku no Jikan

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Anyone else still playing Aniplex's failed idol rhythm game? New project has a contest to select 11 new girls to become the kouhai of the original cast. You can vote for 3 girls (one vote per girl) per day. There's also this SNS you can join to double the weight of your votes. Results are announced in May.
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