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Honkai Impact 3rd

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Anyone playing this?
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Why didn't anyone tell me that Brogue had an Android port?
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Why has this become the quintessential zoomer game? What is so great about it?
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Paradise Hot Spring Village of Hell! Transient Summon is now live! Event last from September 28, 2021 20:00 to October 26, 2021 13:59.
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Is there any sort of logic whatsoever behind this game's morality system?
>game says that you starting paying taxes at level 15
>I am level 14, hence I do not have to pay taxes
>I am accosted by a group of people claiming to be tax collectors and that I should pay off
>I refuse and run away
>I lose a massive amount of karma
Is this meant to be played with a guide open or something, a lot of the events appear fairly arbitrary at face value.

Mobile mechanics that have improved gaming

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What are some mobile/gatcha mechanics that have been introduced in the last 10/15 years of the genre's life that you would consider an overall addition to gaming as a whole, either mechanic wise or through game systems first introduced through mobile, most interested in the boom that started with Kantai/Puzzles and Dragons but any phone game is fine to pull from
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This games fucked isn’t it.
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What's the point of bringing a dead game to global?

KOF All Star: 3rd Anniversary

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It finally happened, we're into the Booba Meta
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