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I rarely use these emulators so I'm an absolute smooth brain. Is there a way to unfuck this? The moment I launch the game is goes to download these additional files but crashes shortly afterwards

I've tried Nox Player and Blue Stacks, crashes for both. My assumption is that the game came out in 2013, but it was taken off all app stores some years ago by disney and it's trying to reach some server that no longer exist? This version I installed is the latest updated version of the game, so i'm not sure where to go from here.

Girls Frontline

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Revenge of the Crab soon.
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Re:Stage Prism Step

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Please try Re:Stage
It's an idol rhythm game with a very distinct gameplay, great original songs, and cute girls
Also had an anime few years back
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Mario Kart Tour

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The Wedding Tour continues
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Another Eden

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New Another Eden thread now that previous one is page ten limit.
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Horus Heresy Legions HHL

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What is it: Card/deckbuilding game based in Games Workshops Heresy era setting.

How much: Freemium. 100% viable to play free and get to top tier with starting warlord.

Get it here:

June Meta report:

Current Event: Pluto; Imperial Fists vs Alpha Legion, aka 'which IF can spam turrets moar'
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Aotu World

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Anyone else trying this out? It came out this week I think.

So far I liked the graphics and the battles but hated the translation/story/characters and the whole system seems like a mess of way too many currencies for me to keep up, just wanna know if it gets better later on or if I should just give up on it.

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Baba Is You port was released on Android and iOS today. It's one of the best puzzle games ever made and you should check it out.
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Newfag's mobile game guide

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Going to be stuck with just my phone for a week or so. I'm 100% ignorant about mobile game shit so please spoonfeed me some recommends. I rather something I can play offline and will happily pay for a game over f2p w/premium currency. I'm not interested in simple match 3, gacha, and other normal mobile games. I'm pretty much looking for the best home vidya feeling possible on my phone. I can only think of final fantasy ports but surely there is a lot of gems I could be missing.
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