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Neko Atsune Thread

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Got this big boy today. One fat cat. I’m playing in Japanese and I’ve started naming the cats in English and this one is “chay”. How’s your cat nest doing, /vmg/ ?


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Talk about your favorite jobs/builds and how the game's been treating you

Among other stuff ig
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ITT: Games your interested in trying. Anons will tell you if it's Good/Bad

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Looking for a side game and saw this being develop by cave.

Dokkan vs Legends

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Been looking to start playing one of these. Which one is better dokkan or legends?


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Post decks, hopes for the next set/patch, and salt over losing to the same meta deck for the fifth time in a row. Also maybe post rooms, if you want to meme it up with other anons.
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Are there any good mobile dungeon crawlers?

Metal Slug Attack

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Yoshino is so fucking sexy
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What Kairosoft games would you recommend? I really loved Game Dev Story and Mega Mall Story.