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Cookie Run Games: It's About Time!

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Well well, look who’s here! We’re back with more Cookie Run Games content, as long as you’re not Kingdom! Here’s what we’ve got on tap:

>Part 2 of the update is out!
>Timekeeper Cookie got another new trial because of her new pet: Continuum Cog!
>A Rift in Time - Navigate a maze for your brand new pet then shove all your mileage where the sun don’t shine!
>Catch Beetster! Because you love Trophy Race! You LOVE Trophy Race!
>Treasure Mastery - Nutcracker Mallet - Feast on Walnut’s cranium until you get some free prizes!
>Any Plans For the Break? - Being a lazy PoS pays off again!
>Custom Run - Unlock Red Bean/Snow Sugar’s fuckhut lobby via points!
>Breakout - Sands of Yogurca is back! I missed the boomerang scimitar thrower!
>Save the Future Part 2 is out, assuming you beat part 1!
>I am SO sorry guys!
>Not much new to do at the current moment!
>But that’s going to change soon!
>Check their Twitter daily for the countdown to the new update in 5 days!
>Speaking of which
>Frost Queen, Cocoa, Cotton specialty Gachas end in 5 days!
>As well as Break Your Limits and Winter Concert
>I’m so sorry!
>At least you’re not
Puzzle World
>That one greentext with the angry Megaman eyes. You know the one.

Have you gone feral waiting for the Kingdom update? Is there anyone…special…you’re hoping for it? What’s one piece of advice you’d give a new player to Ovenbreak/Kingdom? Do you believe anything is worth paying real money for in these games? Delete one cookie from this franchise. Who would win between MicMac and Rose to the death? If coins could be exchanged for crystals, how much should 1000 crystals be worth? “[Blank] was a mistake.”

Enjoy the new year and the new updates, and discuss all things Cookie Run!