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>What is Pokémon Masters?
A mobile Pokémon game that's real time instead of turn based and focuses on collecting trainers instead of Pokémon.

>How to Play and How to Win

>Model ripping/datamining project (3vp) FAQ


>Egg rates
>Lucky Skills List
>Lucky Skills Recommendations

>Sync Grid Builds
>Sync Grid Simulator

>New Sync Pairs
>Upcoming Events

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Why is it that Johto has so many unviable shitmons?
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Comparing XY to Gen 7 and 8 is disingenuous. While I don't consider XY good by any means, it was the last game that had any modicum of effort put in. Allow me to list my reasons.
>the Pokémon
It was the last gen to have more good designs than bad ones. Or at the very least an equal bit of both. Of course, your mileage may vary on this point, but despite some stinkers I think the lineup is still very strong. Of course, XY was the first gen to dip below 100 new Pokémon, so that's bad. But the dex is still fine. The Pangoro, Talonflame, Gogoat, Heliolisk, Dragalge, Barbaracle, Tyrantrum, Clawitzer, Aurorus, Meowstic, Noivern, Trevanant, Gourgeist and Malamar lines are all great. I can't even think of 10 lines total I like between Alola and Galar.
>the region
XY's region is a complete mishmash of random biomes and dreadfully boring, unfortunately, but it still has more depth than either Alola or Galar. XY has its fair share of nonlinear routes, and unlike Alola or Galar it actually has dungeons. Alola is just a cramped pile of setpieces and Galar has...literally nothing going for it. Sorry, I tried to think of something.
>the story
XY's story is trash, but there's less of it. Which is a plus. The Looker episodes are far better than either gen 7 or 8's stories anyway, if you have to be a storyfag.
>contribution to the franchise
Amie and character customisation are some of the best things introduced in the franchise. As much as I disliked XY, it was hard to deny how much these features enhanced the experience. Shitposters can shit on megas all they like, and some reasonable people can complain it's a gimmick (it is), but it led to XY's fresh competitive meta being one of the better ones overall. And while not a direct XY contribution, using Beedrill or Pidgeot for the first time in competitive singles without relying on shitty gimmick sets felt so good. Most people like the designs of megas too, so I'll just leave it at that.

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Design a Pokémon for each typing

Hard mode: no "Dragonfly" or "Assassin Bug"
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/pgg/- Pokémon GO General

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Expansion Sales Data

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Do we have sales numbers on the DLC pass? I can't find any.

I wonder if the third version formula, or the DLC formula is more profitable.
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post based pokemon
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chill thread

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Post pictures of whatever you want or talk about whatever you want and be kind.
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