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Do you guys think they avoid making the starters overlap with gen regulars like the regional bird and regional rodent? I feel like that's at least part of why Decidueye turned from Flying to Ghost and can't learn Fly. As far as rodents go, Chesnaught moving away from Chespin's rodent look and going toward a vaguely mammalian Glyptodon look would add up too.
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/heg/ - Hacking and Essentials General

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Always Darkest Before the Dawn edition

IRC: #romhacking

Rom hacking
>Notable romhacks:
>Making a romhack:
>Gen 4-6 hack tools:
For Gen 1-2, use the disassembly

>WIP Gen 5 tiles:

Places to share fangames:

What's a concept/feature/story/etc. for a hack/essentials game that you would like to see more of (or something you haven't seen that you'd like to see)?
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Early morning comfy thread. Post comfy.
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This Pokédex entry contradicts itself. It can't be true.
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What 4chan boards would the Pokemon characters browse?

And please don't say generic shit like >hurr Mallow goes to /ck/
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ITT stupid shit you thought was true when you were younger

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>I thought there was a form of Delibird that looked like a trick-r-treater
>I thought Onix evolved from a bunch of Geodude
>I thought Steel type was called Iron type
>I thought Electric type was called Thunder type
>I thought there was a Dugduo between Diglett and Dugtrio
>I thought Ground and Rock type were the same thing
>I thought female Slowbro were called Slowsis
>I thought Ash's Pikachu was a girl
>I thought Lugia evolved from Mewtwo (don't ask)
>I thought there was a Lava type
>I thought Medicham was related to Hitmonchan
>I thought Carvana and Sharpedo were unrelated
>I thought Sandslash evoled into Golem
>I thought Trapinch evolved into Hapinch which evoled into Werepinch
>I thought Arbok evolved into Seviper
>I thought Exploud was a cross-gen evo
>I thought Bayleef could evolve into Tropius
>I thought Wailmer was a cross-gen baby evo
>I thought Absol evolved into Lucario
>I thought Manaphy evolved into Kyogre

just a few off the top of my head
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Pokemon Sage

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I beat demo 2.0 a few days ago (heard about it a bit late). Had a lot of fun, really good/well made for fan game standards. How did you guys like the demo?
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How do you really feel about Toucannon?
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Cosmog line thread!
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Why couldn't this pasty white whore just fuck off and let you enjoy your journey?
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