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Can we agree that he's probably the best Pokémon Trainer from main cast and he only lose battles because plot?
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Is Kiawe the biggest loser of the season?

>Built up as a friendly rival to Ash early on, described as a "clash between a Thunderbolt and a Flamethrower"
>gets matched up against Ash's one true rival in the semifinals and will never get a real battle against him
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What Pokémon/Trainer

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Would help me get an erection?
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Isle of Armor leak

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I got some intel regarding the expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield, specifically the Isle of Armor expansion. We'll be getting 20 new Gigantamax forms. So far, we've only seen six, those being: The Galar Starters, Venasaur, Blastoise, and Urshifu. Here are the ones I have info on.

-Conkeldurr (Sword Exclusive)
-Dusknoir (Shield Exclusive)
-Gigalith (Sword Exclusive)
-Froslass (Shield Exclusive)
-Kommo-O (Sword Exclusive)
-Tyranitar (Shield Exclusive)

Also, 2 pokemon in the Isle of Armor expansion are going to get Gigantamax forms (a Poison-type that's exclusive to Sword, and a Psychic-type that's exclusive to Shield), and they are going to be the ace pokemon of Klara and Avery respectively.

G-Max Moves:

-G-Max Jungle: Sets Leech Seed on all opponents. (Venasaur)
-G-Max Tsunami: Removes Reflect, Light Screen, Entry Hazards, and Terrain Effects. (Blastoise)
-G-Max Typhoon: Traps enemies in a whirlpool. (Gyarados)
-G-Max Landslide: Sets Stealth Rock. (Tyranitar)
-G-Max Firestorm: Burns the opponents held berry. (Torkoal)
-G-Max Pulse: Removes Evasion boosts and Dark-type's immunity to Psychic. (Claydol)
-G-Max Void: Reduces PP of the last move used. (Dusknoir)
-G-Max Snowfall: Resets all stat changes. (Froslass)
-G-Max Stonewall: Reduces damage taken for 5 turns. (Gigalith)
-G-Max Hammer: Removes Reflect, Light Screen, Entry Hazards, and Terrain Effects. (Conkeldurr)
-G-Max Fury: Lowers the opponents Def and Sp. Def by 1 stage. (Haxorus)
-G-Max Regalia: Heals the HP of all allies. (Tsareena)
-G-Max Eldritch: All Pokemon the field faint after 3 turns, except the user. (Mimikyu)
-G-Max Soulblaze: Boosts ally Pokemon's Atk and Spd by 1 stage. (Kommo-O)
-G-Max Tempo: Prevents ally pokemon from falling alseep. (Rillaboom)
-G-Max Fireball: Inflicts burns all opponents.(Cinderace)
-G-Max Sure Shot: Boosts ally pokemon's chance to land critical hits. (Intelleon)
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Are you planning your gen 8 team yet?
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Why are the manbabies still so upset? We should be happy that we get yearly pokemon content. How do you think fans of other series that don't get games as often feel? Be. Grateful.
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How come English rom hacks are shit compare to Spanish rom hacks .

... actual think about it any foreign language rom hack is better .
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When did they stopped giving a fuck?
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Toad Tuesday

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Post frogs and toads.
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