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Pokemon is for babies

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I am a megami tensei fag now
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so i installed homebrew on my 3ds, but when i try to install boot9strap from the dsiware game it freezes on a white screen
ive checked online (even on reddit of all places) and nobody seems to have the answer
am i doing something wrong?
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They're releasing a life-size Zeraora plushie

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Only in Japan though
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>12 days until OR/AS
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Why did they choose the ugliest pokemon for the live action?
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Ever thread deleted

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Ever time a thread about these go up it gets deleted.
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I hope Popolio's evos would look more like a literal sea lion such as being a pinniped with a mane. I can see the mane working with the clown theme as clowns have neck frills. It can have an ascetically appealing intimidation factor while still retaining the clown motifs.
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Tell me one thing

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I'm genuinely new to the franchise and I just gotta know..

Do adult players, you know, think unholy thoughts about their Pokemons?
Everywhere I look online I get these subtle hints that players are attracted to their own female Pokemons but nobody is really addressing this issue directly.
I mean they're not even human-looking or anything and they're randomly picked to be male or female so what would the catch even be?
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