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Were do they come from?

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Were do Nurse Joys come from? Are they clones? Dittos turning into female humans? OR are they really what they say, all related to each other but wear Nurse Joy costumes so they all look alike?
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Who's your Poke Daddy /vp/?
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I wish Blaziken had visible talons for its feet
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IMAGINE a switch port of hgss with functioning online features
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/rpg/ - Retro Pokémon General

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#69-Sea Skies Edition

Previous Thread >>44867840

Anyone playing pre Gen VII games is welcome! Exchange friend codes, give each other tips, or just enjoy playing your favorite game with other like-minded people.
>Why /rpg/? Gen VI wasn't that long ago.
Firstly, with Gen VI also being on the 3DS, competitive multiplayer is only available through custom servers. Playing games that aren't officially supported anymore is kind of the point of this general. Additionally, the cutoff was more meant to reflect what seemed to be the point where Pokémon had a much more drastic change in direction rather than it being related to age.
We had considered other names like 2D Pokémon General (/2dg/) and Classic Pokémon General (/cpg/), but >/cpg/ and we wanted to be inclusive of older games like Colosseum that fall into pre Gen VII territory but are not necessarily 2D. We put it to a vote back in thread #3 and the majority seemed to want /rpg/, so here we are.

Useful links:
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/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread

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Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new episodes, old episodes, upcoming episodes, anime Pokégirls, sub releases, discuss, speculate, bitch and moan, etc., etc.

>Livestream link (Sundays @ 9 AM UTC):

>Latest episode (1080p) (720p)

Next episode:
>PM2019 038 - The Colossal Restoration and the Fossil Pokémon! (September 20th)

Future episodes:
>PM2019 039 - Satoshi VS Saito! Overcome Octolock!! (September 27th)
Summaries, voice cast, etc.:

>Upcoming episodes preview:

>Previous episodes:ϹGSd907r

>Pokémon Twilight Wings subs:


>M23: Coco

>Music, manga, and more:

Old thread: >>44848895
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Why do you keep coming back to this franchise for "memes and porn" when the memes and porn are mediocre at best?
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/pgg/- Pokémon GO General

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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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