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Rember when this little ball of fur joined smash and became the most talked about character. He had the best recovery, chain attacks, and combos, and his throws were god like. Honestly he was an absolute wild card within the series. Even with the next installments he's still considered high teir. He would be there in almost every tournament. So tell me because /v/ just refuses to talk about it. Is series Pikachu is in actually good /fe/? I heard Japan made several games about it and localized only a few of them on to the GBA (thinking about getting the English patched games). The 3DS games I heard were pretty based and revived the series. Switch game I heard mixed opinions on it.

/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General

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Were they supposed to be a single evolution line or were they put together because they are all purple and they forgot to add more ghosts
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>Been a while since I played any Pokemon games
>Get the urge to train again
>Start up Soul Silver
>Last game was only 5 minutes in
What's been your longest break, /vp/?
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am i cute?
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Showderp: Dead Yamcha Edition

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please champ to revive Yamcha
Dragon Balls: dogars.org
Saibaman: play.dogars.org
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Would Leaf be more popular if she wasn't so ugly?
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>What is Pokémon UNITE?
UNITE is a more casual MOBA game that allows you to play as various Pokemon to try and score goals against an enemy team during an online match. It is available on mobile stores and on the Switch.

>List of all Pokemon, Items, and Stages

>Upcoming Events
The English Switch version is released!
Log in anytime before August 31st to get Zeraora free. (check the in-game mail)
The English Mobile version will release sometime in Sept.

List of Rumoured/Datamined Pokemon:
>Clefable (May have been cut)

Confirmed releases:

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