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Explain to me why I should prefer this over a turn based boss fight.
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> Play best Pokemon game in 10 years early
> Play at 4x resolution
> Play with good graphics

wtf bros the game actually doesn't look that bad if you know wtf you're doing?
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PLA experiences thread.

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>Playing PLA
>Really wanna use a porygon Z bc it be cool to use him in a game that's in the past
>somehow get a dubious disk first ever distortion but have to wait till the end game before I get an upgrade
>Finally get an upgrade and evolve my porygon
>super excited to go to the move tutor
>At the point in the story in which I get banished from the village.

Anyone else have any funny experiences with this game so far?

Lmao paid shill

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So THAT'S why it's so small in battle.
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>you like tall pokemon dont you master?
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Pokémon Legend of Arceus: the Ocarina of time!
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