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Which pokegirl would you kidnap?
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Misty Monday

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The best way to start your week is back again! Share your love for the tomboy mermaid!
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Eevee thread

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>piratefags spoil the game left and right
>literally keep using their shit opinions to review the game before official reviews
>most people just watch the videos and streams but not buy the game
>the game surprisingly flops
>masuda and omori blames iwao for this and decide to direct every game from now
>every game will use the sword shield formula since it sold 22 million copies

good job pirates you single handedly killed the only chance to pokemon to be good again since bw2

well at least masuda-sama will direct every pokemon forever to sell gorillions.

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Pokemon are our equals
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>Sheer Force Hurricane
>Sheer Force Psychic
>Sheer Force Mystical Fire
>Dazzling Gleam
Not bad. Would be scary a rain team
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The Mystery Dungeons

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"Furret Funeral" Edition

Isekai yourself into the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ITT, and go on adventures with your newfound guildmates.

We also have an Element where you can set up your own character profile, create locations to play in, and I k record the lore of your exploits: https://matrix.to/#/#themysterydungeons:matrix.org

Discover your true Pokémon form in this new world:

Next LIVE adventure starts TONIGHT, 22nd JANUARY, 6PM CST at>>>/qst/5121246
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So THAT'S why it's so small in battle.
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Kalos respect thread

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Praise Kalos here for based Kalos enjoyers