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If I took off his mask would he die?
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> ITT: we make ideas for racial slurs of each pokemon type.
I'll start with water types:
> floaters
> goddess-damned floaters
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Favorite evolution method? For me its feebas. Making it reach its true potential and fulfilling its dreams with contests was great. Really feels like the only pokemon I ever truly bonded with. I wish there were more evo methods like it.
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What did they mean by this?

Best PokéSpe chapter

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Which is better 1 or 2?
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Casually boils 1 meter cube of water?

Current Team Thread

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Post yours, r8 and h8

Just reached Village Bridge in Black
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gen 6

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>save the franchise after the disaster that was gen5
>has the single best selection of new pokemon with no dud whatsoever
>reignite the world interest in pokemon with mega evolutions
>gave us the best online experience in the history of the franchise
>gave us the single best pokemon remake ever made
>didnt need a fixed version like gen 3,4 and 7 to be remember fondly since xy was already a good game
>still to this day include the best looking game in the entire franchise
it truly was the peek of pokemon. it’s a shame the only gen that come close of being as good is gen 1 and even then, only lgpe is actually fun to play.
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Triple battles were perfect

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Why did they abandon it
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