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The peak of pokemon designs
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Is Drasna the most underrated pokemilf/gilf of all time?
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I want a Pokémon game where everything is futuristic
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Is this a good team for Emerald?

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Playing Hoenn for the first time.
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Downloaded that fire red randomiser rom. It's pretty jokes, on my third run through this week (just beat Giovanni in Celadon).
Random pokemon
Random moves learns
Random abilities
Really nice for casual playing, anybody else into it?


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People act as if dislike for Unova Pokemon died down after Gen 6 was released and only gained steam again due to Discord raiders or SwShills trying to deflect from Sword and Shield's flaws. Yet Sword and Shield wouldn't be announced until 2019 and it's not hard to find comments like this even from 2018. Threads about Gen 5 being underrated didn't become popular until around 2017 or 2018 and there would be no point in calling BW or BW2 "underrated" if a large section of the fanbase didn't dislike it. I don't think that the hatred for Gen V is justified, but I feel like it never fully died down. The people who disliked it just grew more ambivalent towards it.
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>Centro posted this to his Twitter

Any thoughts bros?? What do you think these riddles are?
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>Here, have a massive boost to experience
>also a free focus sash
>also dodge attacks like in the anime
>also just shrug off status effects
>and a free focus energy
>and you don't even have to play the minigames this time
What the fuck was the point?

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Would Rotom wash die if you threw a Geodude inside it?
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