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The Mystery Dungeons

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"Furret Funeral" Edition

Isekai yourself into the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ITT, and go on adventures with your newfound guildmates.

We also have an Element where you can set up your own character profile, create locations to play in, and I k record the lore of your exploits: https://matrix.to/#/#themysterydungeons:matrix.org

Discover your true Pokémon form in this new world:

Next LIVE adventure starts TONIGHT, 22nd JANUARY, 6PM CST at>>>/qst/5121246
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So THAT'S why it's so small in battle.
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Kalos respect thread

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Praise Kalos here for based Kalos enjoyers

Daily Johto Appreciation Thread

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Why didn't Electrode shrink and escape from Team Rocket?
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Why is this game so fun? I haven't had this good a time playing Pokémon since the original GSC. Even grinding the research tasks feels less boring than running around in grass and grinding mons in the older games.
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Why are they still called "Pocket Monsters" in PLA Pokeballs have only been recently invented and most people haven't started putting the monsters in their pockets yet?
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