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>create thread
>create an argument by replying to my own posts
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/ff/ - Fox Friday

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It’s been a long time
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Why do so many pokemom fans fetishism about him?
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Anyone else still use their Pokéwalker? I do.
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What these young ladies made you do in your teens?
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Is this the first game to have pretty much zero continuity with previous titles since Ruby and Sapphire? The DLC also didn't add much lore to tie it to previous gens, right?
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If I hack in a Pichu in FRLG before getting the national dex, will it be able to evolve into Pikachu or it refuse it evolve?
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>100 real days after I put the objects on the Rocky Beach area
>Gible is still not there
>Baoba ins't even calling me
What the fuck? What can I do?
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do you have a pokemon dakimakura?

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