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Is this the first game to have pretty much zero continuity with previous titles since Ruby and Sapphire? The DLC also didn't add much lore to tie it to previous gens, right?
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If I hack in a Pichu in FRLG before getting the national dex, will it be able to evolve into Pikachu or it refuse it evolve?
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>100 real days after I put the objects on the Rocky Beach area
>Gible is still not there
>Baoba ins't even calling me
What the fuck? What can I do?
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do you have a pokemon dakimakura?

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Who are the most majestic Pokémon?
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Find a flaw
You literally CAN'T.
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Treade between a Pokemon generation

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Can you still trade between a Pokemon generation IV game with a generation V game on a 2DS and a 3DS?
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>Been a while since I played any Pokemon games
>Get the urge to train again
>Start up Soul Silver
>Last game was only 5 minutes in
What's been your longest break, /vp/?
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A daily reiteration until it's possible to purchase Gen 9

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>the pandemic is why gen 9 is horrible
>being the first new mainline release since the large amounts of criticism galar received is why gen 9 is horrible
>the lack of involvement with nintendo EAD is why gen 9 is horrible
>game freak being hated by the pokemon company is why gen 9 is horrible
>the removal of creatures inc. from some credits is why gen 9 is horrible
>important positions being occupied by new people with enough importance to be shown in the presents is why gen 9 is horrible
>why did you expect something good? it's not a pokemon direct it's a pokemon presents!
>the switch being out since march 2017 is why gen 9 is horrible
>being the first time console hardware was used for a mainline game trying something other than the gym formula is why gen 9 is horrible
>sprite games in 2D being what game freak started with is why pokemon has permission to be horrible forever
>pokemon has video games accessible to children so it has permission to be horrible forever grow up already wait I need to run like a child to the card section of the the store that just opened their doors