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Have you prayed to Lord Sinnoh today, Anon?
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They de-chunkified Lilligant. Now it looks even more retarded and un-natural, thank god these won’t appear in the next games
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Does the game explain Sinnoh legendaries connection to Ultra Space & paralle pokemon world?

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Are there one Arceus and Sinnoh Trio from each parallel pokemon world ?
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wtf is his fucking problem?

/wfg/-WiFi General

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At this point anything helps.
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Who won?
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Why didn't Marowak and Cubone just shrink to get away?
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is it pokemon's breath of the wild moment?


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Recreated that infamous screenshot comparing the game to Oblivion on Ryujinx, note: I'm running the game in 4k upscaled resolution, this screenshot is compressed down to 3mb, originally 14mb
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