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What battery am I supposed to put in a RSE cartridge? I’ve looked it up and got like 4 different answers.
Any anons here successfully change it in theirs? What did you use?
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post others in hilda's clothes
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How the fuck does samurott draw the sword on its forelegs???
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>vp's Alcremie is permanently angry and upset
What did they mean by this?

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/rheg/ - ROM Hacking and Essentials General

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/npsg/ new pokemon snap photography general

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Post pics, advice and theories for unlocking alt paths

Photography style images of Pokemon (that you've taken) from other games are OK, too.

To avoid the "New Pokemon Snap" watermark take a screenshot with your Switch during the ReSnap feature after you're done your research expedition.

suicune edition
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Kneelers welcome.

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