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showderp: fishe

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It's ok when a Pokemon does it
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They did nothing wrong

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You were just groomed by 40 year old weebs into hating american humor.
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Shhh, don't wake her.
She sleeby.
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Friday Aura Thread (36)

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Lucario and his frends
pre-thred: >>46976207
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is it worth buying?

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I've been debating if I should buy the game or not. Is it worth the price? Does the game become boring after 2 hours? Is the immersion fun?
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Why did you make me do this? I just wanted to consoom Pokemon Sword and Shield and you just had to up and die so I had to play at your wake! Think, grandma!
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>Volkner is stronger than champions
This basically confirms that Cynthia is among the absolute strongest champions if a gym leader in her league ranks higher than Alder, Iris, and Ash. If those really are Volkner and Sabrina then the kanto league is arguably galar level too.
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Happy 5th anniversary Alola starters

Abilities Thread

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Overpowered, balanced, shit, all welcome here. Suggestions to buff current abilities also welcome.
>Foreign Object Bonus
Moves that use items in dmg calc do more damage. Item isn't lost upon use
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