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Be honest, if you were in the pokemon universe, you would spend all your time doing lewd things with your pokemon, right?
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ITT: Things that took you way too long to notice about a Pokémon's design

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It took me a shameful amount of time to realize that Pupitar's design is visible on Tyranitar's torso.
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What is Pokenchi? Read this info guide:


>Serial Loser Ryogo Matsumaru Challenges the Prodigy That Became the 5th Best in the World at WCS2018! / The Shiraberu-kun Project Begins!
Today's guests: Worlds 2018 quarterfinalist Yuri "Yurilie" Yahashi, riddler Ryogo Matsumaru and quizzer Kochan

Stream at:

Starts in 2 hours 30 minutes. Are your bodies ready?


>The greatest battle in Pokénchi history!! Serial loser Ryogo Matsumaru challenges the prodigy that became the 5th best in the world at WCS2018! What will the tearful conclusion to this battle be?!
>In addition, the Shiraberu-kun project begins! A massive research effort on Pokémon Centers!

>Yuri Yahashi (aka Yurilie) is the strongest Pokénd of them all, having placed 5th in the world in the "Pokémon WCS2018" Junior category! Matsumaru-kun has studied trends and countermeasures to prepare to today's match, how much will he exert himself today...?! Don't take your eyes off the most interesting and highest level battle in Pokénchi history for even a second!!
>And Let's Shiraberu-kun! We've received a lot of requests to research Pokémon Centers, so we're conducting a massive search among Pokénds all across Japan for someone to be "Mini Shiraberu-kun" and research them in Shiraberu-kun's place!!
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why does Gen 9 look fanmade?
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Crossover Thread

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Let's share cute crossover art with each other in here!

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Anyone else still use their Pokéwalker? I do.
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As things stand right now, what's the announcement that would absolutely makes you seethe for the next month or so?
Pic unrelated.

/dg/ - Dawn General

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The general for all things Dawn/Hikari.

>Latest Dawn Visual Novel Build by Anon

>Dawn Screencaps and Scans

>3D Dawn

>Lewd Dawn arts and edits

>New Dawn episode 7/30 @ 9:55 UTC
Livestream link:

>Latest /dg/ News

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Do you like Glaceons?
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