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Can we stop pretending these are """"10 year olds"""".
These body types are not 10-year-olds, if anything the youngster class are the actual 10 year olds.
This was the same medium that made super jacked dudes like Jotaro(jojo) and Chad(Bleach) and called them 16
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Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee was peak 3D Pokémon graphically. I don't know why they decided to ditch this graphical and artistic style afterwards - everything else has been a step backwards.
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Nothing REALLY beats Kalos, does it?
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Pick a mon. Your job is to prepare that random Pokemon as a gourmet meal. How will your dish come out?

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Realistically, who would win in a fight?
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reminder to doomkeks that this is the direction the franchise is taking from now on
there is no "gen 9" to look forward to, corridor faggotry and annoying npcs interrupting your straight line journey every two seconds are now officially a thing of the past. Legends is the future. Gf tested the waters with oras soaring, the ride mons in sm and finally the wild areas in swsh, and finally decided that this is what the real fans want
you can cope as much as you like, but you know this is true. open world chads have officially won.
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Did this nigger seriously make a video about a Pokemon that is only in 2 generations? Is he retarded?
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