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Looking for a unite team!

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Not really sure if this is the best place to go but i cant really think of anything else...

Pretty much what the title says, I cant deal with solo queuing in ranked so having a team I could communicate with (on discord) would be great.

I main Zeraora but can also play Ninetales, just hit expert 1 for the second time (which is exactly why I'm looking for a team so i wont need to a third time fml).

Im based in the UK, but I dont really care where you're from as long as we end up playing well together :].


ITT: Obscure or relatively unknown facts and trivia

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This NPC in Castelia City's gate to Skyarrow Bridge seems to have different dialogue if you're playing as a boy or a girl.
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it's fucking hot, please post cats!
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Post quality fakemons in this thread
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Bunch of brats, these lasses are.

/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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/ef/ Eevee Friday - Free Hugs Edition

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>ctrl+f eevee
>old thread
>no new thread

You know the drill. Post eevee(lution)s!
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Protagonist fashion

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Post the best looking set of clothes you've seen for the player characters. Stuff you'd wear if you were a trainer.
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/ppg/ leak thread 2 - Nintendo Lethal Weapon edition

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Previous thread:


Nintendo Lethal Weapon is part of the Nintendo Co. Ltd. All rights copyrighted by Nintendo.
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Doodle something and other posters try to turn it into pokemon.
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