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Post quality fakemons in this thread
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/TCC/ Trading Card Collectors

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Farfetch'd Edition

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/ef/ Eevee Friday - Free Hugs Edition

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>ctrl+f eevee
>old thread
>no new thread

You know the drill. Post eevee(lution)s!
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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Surely this board can name 10 reasons why this franchise is good, right?
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Reminder that because Pokémon lack sanitation it’s very probably you would catch some disease should you ever choose to rape them. Maybe even create aids like that guy that fucked a monkey
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Ribbons are like achievements stamps that are specific to each individual Pokémon, and they persist across the games when the Pokémon is traded or transferred. It's one of the coolest and most underrated features in the series. Seeing a distinguished Pokémon with evidence of its stories and legacy in previous games in the form of ribbons is awesome.
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Can you catch chicken with a pokeball?

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ITT: Forced typings
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