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Orre Colosseum TMs

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Hey quick question I'm hoping someone here can answer cause I can't find an answer online.

When you beat a round of the Orre Colosseum in XD you get a tm. I know you can rematch the same rounds again, but I'm wondering Do I get another TM? Or is it a one time thing?

I'd like to know before I waste my time doing it again, especially cause my gamecube disc is so scratched it typically crashes mid battle so its a bitch to get through 4 or 5 battles in a row without it crashing

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he's so fucking hot bros
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Explain this nerds
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Alright shrinkfags, explain this.
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This is real
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Johto Soul Thread
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Have Khu/Centro/Eclipse etc ever mentioned Gen 9 news in their leaks?

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We know that the pic they backed up with Kotori, the heart-shaped clouds etc was real since we saw all the hisuian pokemons so maybe they’re right about Gen 9 if they ever mentioned about it, and I can’t remember if they did or not.
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So the reason why there are no pokemon anywhere in the maps is because they're all shrunken?

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Is this webm really from Pokemon???
I haven't been following Pokemon games in a while and I saw this posted on another board with the poster claiming it's from Pokemon.
Surely they meant a unity fangame? Right???? If anyone has a link to the download, pls post it. Shitty Pokemon fangames are fucking hilarious.
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Has anyone compiled the trainer battle teams for Legends yet? I've trying to find, but I can't seem to find anything myself.
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