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2022’s game

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So, what would the rest of 2022 have, since PLA will be released in January? Would it be Legends DLC, Let’s Go Johto, or Gen 9 even?
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/ppg/ leak thread 2 - Nintendo Lethal Weapon edition

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Nintendo Lethal Weapon is part of the Nintendo Co. Ltd. All rights copyrighted by Nintendo.
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/vp/ixelmon - Newgamblers Welcome

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Betting your life savings away edition

Play Pixelmon with /vp/! Newcomers always welcome!
Build your dream Pokemon town, gym or home on a comfy 8k by 8k map, with planned roads, player NPC questlines and Corviknight taxis to get around. You can join the many events we have planned throughout the week! Whether you're a new or returning player, you should definitely give this server a try.

IP on the image.


[List of mods]

[Player commands]

[What's Pixelmon?]
It's a Minecraft mod with Pokémon in it. You can larp as a PokéAutist, build towns, gyms, or just make your pets fight each other.

- Nigger behavior isn't allowed
- The use of mods such as baritone, auto-mining, speed, fly hacks and other such mods allowing people to have an unfair advantage over other players will be deemed nigger behavior
- If you seethe, remember to cope
- If you cope, remember to seethe and then read above

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The Pokemon Anime

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I'm a big fan of pokemon. I played the game and enjoyed them to the fullest, The idea of being a young trainer and starting your journey always had me kept comming back for more of the non stop freedom to build wathever team you wanted and explore each region like it was the first. if you like pokemon and also are a bit of an anime fan, there is no question that a pokemon anime was inevitable. in 1998, a mostly chilldish pokemon anime came to life with his protag, ash a random kid from palette town. for me its a no brainer that the first ever anime about pokemon should be first and foremost for kids. but its 2021 now, and the pokemon community is getting older and older. its been 23 years of nonstop ash adventure. I only really watched the very first two gen worth of anime. is the newer stuff still has good? do you guys only watch it because its the only pokemon anime? are you happy of what it is right now?
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>dumb whore

ITT: Regions you want a future Pokemon game to be based in

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I really want Pokemon Germany, and I think it would be a cool choice for Gen 9. Perhaps extend a bit into Switzerland so you can have an expansive mountainous section based on the Alps where some legendary resides. Bavaria could be the soulful starting area, while Berlin is the dark edgy city towards the end of the game that’s run down and full of punks.
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Who's your favorite (male) Pokémon, /vp/?
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What was the point?
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Is Hex maniac considered a goddess?

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If that's the case, then... goddess of what?

Hex thread!
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