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I really hate how ORAS turned Maxie from a creepy-looking cult leader to a girly nerd faggot.
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What made you stop playing?

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Big, tough and/or intimidating looking pokemon being cute thread.
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Doesn't Thievul have the worst combination of shit STAB options and stat-conflicting movepools? Say what you want about Typhlosion but at least it can learn Fire-type moves that are over 55 BP and doesn't use its lesser physical attack stat. Thievul is a special attacker whose only special STAB option is fucking Snarl, a move with 55 BP. Why are shit stat-conflicting movepools still a thing?
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>Anything that moves seems like a foe to it, triggering its attack.
If this entry were to be true, how destructive would these things be pre gen 6, when fairies didn't exist? I feel like 10 of them could destroy a big city like New York in 1 or 2 weeks.

Favorite Pokemon of Each Type

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Should Pokémon have six potential genders instead of just two?
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PokeGoddess Thread

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Which Pokegirl do you pray to every day?

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Thoughts on Mao/Mallow?
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