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Kneelers welcome.

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It doesn't uses ATB combat.

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In this screen you can clearly see that the battle system is the same as the previous games. It doesn't uses ATB or anything other gimmicks. Quit daydreaming.
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>off model fanart
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Pokéboys/men thread

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Todd edition: It’s been a while since we had one. Post your favorite male characters from the games or the anime. Are you enjoying Snap? And most importantly, how are (You)?

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>pokemon are sentient beings, capable of intelligent thoughts
>pokemon are dumb, mindless beasts that exist for battle and entertainment
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ITT: mons that disappointed you
>Pic related
>Oh, its like job switching. Its going to be fun making various builds to counter certain encounters
>Limited nectar per day to switch forms
>Different nectars are spread across the 4 islands throughout the campaign
>Its only primary stab (depending on the form) is a 90 BP special signature move
>Z-move makes it normal type anyway
>The rest of its movepool is boring flying shitmon builds (the only special TMs it learns are hidden power and round despite being a special attacker)
>No fire/fairy/psychic/electric TMs
>Middling stats (forms dont even get different stat distributions)
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/ss/ - Serena Sunday

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Smile! Sweet! Sister! Sadistic! ¡ǝsiɹdɹnS Service!
It's the best day of the week. Post, love, discuss and adore her!

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Do you like gambling in Pokemon?
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Why do pokemon clones adhere to GFs map design and their combat mechanics instead of copying other franchises or coming up with their own ideas?