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The biggest problem with Sun and Moon is the feeling of emptiness after the league. Bear with me.

The graphic change was necessary to fulfill the adventure and vacation motif that everyone expected and GF pushed around. The soundtrack was nothing but greatness. The region was comfortable to explore, despite being really small, the battle backgrounds were good enough so you could appreciate and blend together with it. The characters weren't amazing or anything, but they had personality and were memorable. And the story was just ok for pokémon games. I though the campaign was fine.

But despite that GF didn't made the adventure last long enough. Don't get me wrong, I took my damn time with this game. I finished the league with more than 100+ hours easily. But after you beat, everyone now has to do what we did before. The boring online battles where everyone uses the same pokémon, the breeding that everyone already did on gen 6 since pentagon forced us, and after gen 6, the waiting and expectations we had, we can't help but feel disappointed that it ended and we're at stuck at the circle that we've been having since 2013. Get the game, finish, wait a year. Rinse and repeat.

I think GF should have really invested on postgame on Sun and Moon. It was mandatory. That postgame should be something like PWT where it connects everything and everyone on the previous games together, while being replayable enough that you can just come back after a while.

That's just what I think. Some people couldn't even finish the game because of the cutscenes and interruptions, so it's just my 2 cents. What do you think. /vp/?
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