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>I know it’s petty, but it really irritates me how nobody ever goes to Bulbagarden for breaking pokémon news. It’s always Serebii or PokéJungle or PokéBeach, but never Bulbagarden, even though all of those other sites, in some way, try to mimic Bulbagarden or Bulbapedia’s style of delivering information. We break the exact same news at the exact same time from the exact same sources, yet even on our own Facebook page we get people telling other commenters to “go to Serebii for confirmation” when it takes us 0.02358734 seconds longer to post something because people are incapable of typing at twice the speed of light, and that’s not counting the time we actually take to confirm that what we’re saying is complete and accurate to the best of our knowledge and ability. No fan site has any authority to confirm anything, and no site is any more or less credible than any other.
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