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Hello. I recently attented an investors meeting that showed lots of insider info about Pokémon for switch. First of all, there is just one version, and the game is called Pokémon Transformation, as it is a transformation for the franchise and the Pokémon. Their are a few knew Pokémon, but the games take place in the Kanto Region, so it's mostly returning mons and the new mutation mons, which is this games main gimmick. The legendary, Toxicae, is a pure Poison type that shoots dna altering rays over the region that affects some of the Pokémon, creating new mutation forms. They showed off several, like the starters, which are a Grass type Charmander, a Fire type Squirtle, a Water type Bulbasaur, regular Eevee, and regular Pikachu. You will have 4 rivals that use the other 4, two of them appeared to be friendly like Hau or Bianca, one appeared to be not mean but more serious like Cherren, and one appeared to be like Blue or Silver. They showed several other mutations like a Water type Grimer, a Normal and Ground type Spearow, an Electric and Flying type Pidgey, a Fighting type Corphish, and a Dark and Flying type Natu. The battle system was shown to be different. It works like past games, but you press a directional button(or D pad on pro controller) to decide your attack. You can do this repeatedly, so it's sorta like the old system but real time. Speed has been removed in favor of an Energy stat, as your Pokémon has an energy meter that drains with each attack. PP is gone, but Hyper Beam, for example, takes far more energy than Tackle. When your energy runs out, it takes time to recover, depending taking different time with another new stat, Recharge. The higher the recharge, the faster the recovery, Recharge is not a base stat, it replaces Accuracy and Evasion, which have been removed. One Hit Ko Moves and moves that would be broken if they had 100% accuracy have been removed. Moves that would be better but not like Stone Edge drain a lot of Energy.More below
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