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I hate Pokemon that look like they're unique characters instead of a species of wild monsters, of which there are many.
Take pic related for example. I can picture lakes filled with Drednaw both in them and roaming the lakes shore. I often say it's all in the eyes, and even though Drednaw does have a very strange and unique eye type it still has that mindless, animalistic look to it, like it behaves purely on instinct and survival.
The design style that Drednaw has, regardless of if you like its controversial head design, reminds me very much of the gen 1 style and most gen 1 Pokemon DID have this desirable 'animalistic' look to them.
Then we come to Sirfetch'd. I have no other way of saying it other than it looks like a cartoon duck. It looks like it could start speaking in a sonic cartoon or some shit and I have a very hard time imagining flocks of Sirfetch'd, wandering around with their shields and leak spears, all with smug as fuck looks plastered on their faces. They don't feel organic to the world they inhabit and instead they feel like there should be only one of them.

Some more examples.
I can imagine herds of wild Tauros wandering across vast stretches of land.
I can't imagine how shit like scrafty or krookodile would integrate with the land, they seem so dumb and have too many human qualities and quirks.

Fuck these 'character' first pokemon, animalistic, survival driven Pokemon are the best.
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