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/ppg/ - Pokemon Prototype General - Part 60

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>What got released?
Debug Builds & Source Code of Blue/Yellow
Japanese Debug Builds of G/S
Symbol Map for Crystal
G/S Source Code, Spaceworld '99 Demos & Localization Protos
Official GameBoy emulator
Internal lists of all games/apps (even unreleased ones) for all Nintendo systems up to the DS
Gen 7 Debug Builds, official 3DS legality checkers, & O-Power/Mew/event distribution CIAs

>Various documentation
Gen 1 - early translations - Documentation for unused material and Pokemon Pink references - Translated Yellow bug report documents - WIP TCRF pages for Gen 1 source code assets

Gen 2 - front sprites - back sprites - scratchpads - Unused code documentation - Translated Beta Dex entries - WIP TCRF pages for Gen 2 protos and source code assets

>Where can I download all this
>Prototypes/Source Code


>Patched GB Emu

>Nintendo SDKs

>I want to discuss non-Pokemon stuff

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