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ITT: We tell Shigeki Morimoto to go fuck himself, and rebalance some Pokemon

New Stats: 79/39/76/99/96/101/BST:490
Water Veil Buff: Grants the Pokemon immunity to Fire-Type moves and it's ally resistance to Fire-Type moves + burn immunity
New Moves: Quiver Dance, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Dazzling Gleam, Hurricane, Shadow Ball

New Stats: 83/80/75/105/70/121/BST:534
New Abilities: No Guard/Charisma/(HA)Gale Wings
Charisma: Initmidate, but lowers the opponent's Special Attack by one stage
Gale Wings Buff: Gale Wings now activates if the Pokemon is at half HP or more
New Moves: Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Scorching Sands, Dazzling Gleam, Thunder Wave, Swords Dance

New Ability: Storm Strike
Storm Strike: 1.5x Attack and Special Attack in Rain
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