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/vp/ixelmon - Newgamblers Welcome

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Betting your life savings away edition

Play Pixelmon with /vp/! Newcomers always welcome!
Build your dream Pokemon town, gym or home on a comfy 8k by 8k map, with planned roads, player NPC questlines and Corviknight taxis to get around. You can join the many events we have planned throughout the week! Whether you're a new or returning player, you should definitely give this server a try.

IP on the image.


[List of mods]

[Player commands]

[What's Pixelmon?]
It's a Minecraft mod with Pokémon in it. You can larp as a PokéAutist, build towns, gyms, or just make your pets fight each other.

- Nigger behavior isn't allowed
- The use of mods such as baritone, auto-mining, speed, fly hacks and other such mods allowing people to have an unfair advantage over other players will be deemed nigger behavior
- If you seethe, remember to cope
- If you cope, remember to seethe and then read above

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