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BDSP appreciation thread

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I am really impressed with ILCA. BDSP is the first genuinely GOOD Pokemon game since the 3D era started. After how disappointing ORAS was, I expected the same for Gen 4 remakes, but boy was I wrong!
The return of chibi graphics (controversial, but I always preferred this and I didn't like how starting with Sun and Moon, the games because more realistic in proportion and scale. I felt they lost some of their magic without the classic top down view)
>Trainer Customization
>Following Pokemon
>Vastly Expanded Underground, with brand new Pokemon hideaways
>Secret Bases now allow me to make my very own Dragon chamber, decorated with dragons only
>Brand new Diglett hunting minigame in the Underground, replayable every day
>Brand new whistling minigame with up to 6 Pokemon in Amity Square
>Contests made actually playable, unlike the convoluted mess in the original contests in DPPt
>Ramanas Park with gorgeous looking chambers for each legendary
>The best Gym Leader/E4/Champion rematches in the history of the franchise
>You can now also fight your rival in the postgame
>Improved Poke Radar
>DS sounds for listening to the original games music
>No HMs
>And most importantly, an improved Battle Tower where we can now face all of the gym leaders, E4, Cynthia, and even the Team Galactic members and admins!