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Trade? If not on ryujinx/cfw go 2 Wi-Fi general
Brilliant Diamond:
1.1.1 update:
Ryujinx LDN version:
firmware/keys up8r:
keys in case ^ doesn't work for you:
emufag confirm'd chts: check OP replies later for an updated list
enable FXAA in NVIDIA Control Panel for Ryujinx
click on the VSync icon on Ryujinx to toggle frame rate unlock
CTRL + U unlocks frame rate in Yuzu
you dont need 60fps cheat on emulator RETARDS
How to setup the Mew/Jirachi folders (Yuzu):
0100187003A36000 (LGPE)
0100ABF008968000 (SWSH)
How to use cheats in Yuzu:
1) make a folder called Cheats
2) make a folder called cheats in that
3) put a text file named the buildid.txt that matches your game version
4) for BD1.1.1: D9E96FB92878E345.txt
(Ryujinx is the same but you don't need the first folder)
How to go online with Ryujinx:
How to install mods in Yuzu:
How to install game updates in Yuzu:
Encounters Grand Underground:
Trainer data:
Mods: ^or v
DoF remover:
No More Trade evos:
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