Library of Ruina now has more book drops

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and a few more things.
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battle brothers thread

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Are nachzherers overpowered or underpowered? I think they are fine outside of the arena
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Anyone still playing this?
I know everyone has a boner for Cities Skylines but I just can't get into it
I like the region mechanic too much here
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You do only run 1 combat capital in your fleet, right anon?
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Another HOI4 thread: Kaiserredux edition
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Uninteresting Upgrades in RTS

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Does anyone actually like this shit? I can understand tech for your units to unlock major features but just a flat +1 damage or armor for all your infantry is the most boring shit in RTS and seems to exist for the sole purpose of having something to spend resources on.
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Games like Jagged Alliance 2

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Are there new games like JA2 around? Looks like every RTT now is like XCOM, and that's fine if I want some more arcade playstyle, but sometimes I want something more on the simulationist side. Is the niche dead?
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Warhammer Total War

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So how do you deal with dwarfs as vampires in early game? I played Kemmler and my skellies and zombies were pretty useless against the manlets in battle. I killed them eventually through auto-resolve+two full stacks. But what's the not-brainlet approach to beating them?
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Lands of Lords

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Lands of Lords is a browser based MMO that takes place on a persistent world with a player driven economy. You take the role of noble family. You can build cities, engage in politics and diplomacy, fight wars and roleplay. It's free and we're always looking for new players. Come join Ingerland TODAY!
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