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Lobotomy Corporation/Library of Ruina/Limbus Company

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I wish that I were as swift as the /Total War Attila Thread/.
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So, are you gonna get this? and which faction are you gonna choose first?
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The Riftbreaker is out
Are you man enough to conquer an alien planet with a mecha?
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It's just as good as RA2.
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Hearts of Iron 4

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How do I beat China as Japan? My invasion is stalling right here and attrition is destroying my units.
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So what is /vst/ opinion on Vichy III? Will it be good, and especially historically accurate?
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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

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No living Amazing Cultivation Simulator thread? Let's change that.

Man, the RNG for some of the special drops from the Ancient Cultivators can be a bit frustrating to farm for, if you're after a specific one.
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Ultimate General Civil War

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This any good? Does the AI cheat too much? Is the campaign mode interesting?
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What went wrong?
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