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webm & screenshot thread

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Post em
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Silent hunter / Sub sims thread

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Library of Ruina/Botomy corp. thread

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>42 year old man
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>half the units are women
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Shadow Empire: The Post

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Tell me your experience getting into and mastering this game. What did you think you were getting into — and what did you realize you were actually getting into after playing it a while? What was the time investment to git gud, and looking back was it worth it? What’s the main roadblock that would cause you to lose or bang your head against the wall until you figured it out? Shit like that.
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Victoria 2 Thread

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Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children

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Update #100 will release early September!
Until then, feel free to ask questions and discuss builds, missions, waifus and whatever else comes to mind.
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Why is this game so good and how do I keep enjoying it forever? I am absolutely in love with it, both the strategy and tactics mechanics are awesome, I love setting up an ambush for an opponent via placing a bunch of cheap units next to a forest where a ton of units are concealed, I love flanking, how different various classes/spheres/races are, creeping, pvp, ganking enemy heroes, sieges, musketeers, spells, necromancers, WAOW
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Armoured Commander II

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Anyone tried this? Just got released on Steam, gameplay seems similar to FTL but you control a tank in WW2
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Conquest of Elysium General

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I already own 3, but never played it. Is it worth buying CoE 4 for $12 or CoE 5 for $30? From what I hear the battle system improved significantly in 4, but there doesn't seem to be many new features to CoE 5.

Also curious to hear anyone elses experiences with 5 or the series in general
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