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When are you going to make a kitbash of this thing?
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What's your favourite faction in heroes of might and magic?
For me it's Blood Sorceress
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Total War: Three Kingdoms

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thoughts on this game?

Been wanting to get into Total War games, but holy shit my rat brain is too small to play it remotely "good"

I guess I'd have a stronger foundation on this one since I read up on ancient chinese infantry and whatnot. but how does it fare?
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Distant Worlds 2

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Will it be better than Stellaris? I bough it on release and we all know how the game turned out in the end. Is Code Force more competent than Paradox?
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How do you set up hotkeys in RTS games? WASD for movement and surrounding keys for various actions? Or do you scroll the camera with the mouse?
I honestly don't understand how people back then thought it was acceptable to play RTS with movement keys being the arrow keys.
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Total War campaign thread

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Does /vst/ get waifus?
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Dawn of war + expansions

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Best to worst campaign ?
Best to worst skirmish ?
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What the fuck was his problem?
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