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>empire at war 2 never ever
>EAW 1 remake never ever
why live?
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Should I get it ?
I've played AOE2 years back as a kid and want a good RTS game as of now. Is it worth getting into AOE2 right now ? How active is the player base ?
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is it inevitable?

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Is that always going to happen when a game does well? The corporate types and accountants move in, the talent fucks off and the series enters a spiral of slow decline where the games get shinier but dumber, the DLC reproduces at rabbit rates and any soul the game once had is simply erased, choked to death by targets and politically correct hiring practices?

Not just Paradox, but CA probably went that way first and they're just the strategy focused studios, there are others we all know and hate.
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>KR is taking out all the fun routes
>KRRX runs like absolute fucking shit
>TNO is fucking TNO
>TWR is a sleeping aid with RNG events to take out any player choice
>CBtS is also a sleeping aid and buggy as fuck
>CWIC has slowed to a crawl
>MD is a third sleeping aid with a brand new mechanic that does fucking nothing
>Iron Grip is 800 years away
>FuRR/RF/RW/CWW are barebones as fuck
>EoaNB is anyone's fucking guess
>only good mods are EaW & OWB
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Battle Brothers: Ranged Edition

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Post your best named items
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>/vst/ is almost entirely PC gamers
>highest quality discussion of any /v/ related board
Can we please have a PC gaming board where we can discuss all manner of prestigious PC games, and not be limited to only strategy games?
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What are some /vst/-core games? What are some /vst/-core memes? Are you a fan of soccer?
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After the End Thread

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Thoughts on After the End?
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Third Age Total War: Divide and Conquer

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Has anyone played TATW:DAC here? Is it good? Should I play this over base TA?
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What's an RTS (preferably from the late-90s to early 2000s) that are most accessible to beginners?