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Victoria II - Vic2 Thread

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which one of you fucktards forgot to make another thread
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What went wrong?

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What is the prettiest RTS game and why is it aoe2de?
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TNO Thread

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Talk about the mod and its features, who is the best unifier for Russia as of now?
What path are you looking forward to in 2WRW?
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Advance Wars

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General thread for all Advance Wars related topics.

Unless not otherwise specified we mean AW2:BHR COs/units etc

Advance Wars: Re-Boot Camp release postponed to April 2022

I recently watched Advance Wars Live Tournament stream and it realized how much I miss the game.

Visit AWBW site for competitive Advance Wars online games against other players including a ELO based global league.

Black Boats are gay.
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Lands Of Lords

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>Ever wanted to play Crusader Kings 2 but persistently multiplayer with actual domain and city management? Search no more, this is the game you're looking for.
Lands of Lords thread.
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Why hasnt there been an actual modern attempt at Majesty?

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Dont tell me "programming its ai would be hard", that was an excuse made up by you-know-who for the second game
Dont tell me that there would be no interest either, did you see how popular Rimworld is? A game that is also mostly about tard wrangling
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Who is this for?

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