"omg I hate micro and high apm"

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just stfu and learn to play

Age of Wonders

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New Bread edition
Post your favourite custom leaders you made
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Why the fuck do bows outrange muskets in this fucking game?
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Warcraft 3 thread

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Hey everyone, just started playing strategy games again and was thinking about wc3. Is the reforged scandal mostly settled by now? Is the game worth it? I have a license downloaded already so it's not like I need to buy it again.
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Endless Space 2

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How do I stop playing United Empire? Every game I start as someone else just makes me want to play them more.
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>Can larp as anything you want
>Literally best aspects of most RTS's combined with mmo
>You can form Empires and civilizations with your own unique policies

Why aren't you playing this game?
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How do I git gud at heroes 3?
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He's not protected in there

Fire Emblem thread

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Reminder that FE1 Shooters have 1-2 range.
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