Yes, a lot of images and thumbnails have been lost. They are not recoverable. More notices likely in coming weeks.


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TSL and Super tournament next week
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Anbennar EU4

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What happens here?
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name a game where i can play as sealand
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i am forgotten...
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>AoE4 sucks
>AoE3 continues to be pure Kino

Who's excited for Mexico? Looks pretty god damn good.
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Total War:40k

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Just a reminder that Total War:40k is inevitable and as such CA already included 40k mech daemons into the game.
>B-but it doesn't fit formation style gameplay
And yet it will still happen
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CoH3 MP Test

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Hey Anti-Relic incel/slav! AoE4 was a huge success and the COH test is today. Are you ready to cry again as the company you loathe delivers another hit?
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>Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back released
>Complete and utter shit

HoIV when?
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Should I buy it? Has anyone finished the campaign? The combat seems fun and I love the logistics system. The in UI seems kind of hard to get into. Does it get better soon after you get into it? The radar, ECM and IRST system seems to be overwhelming.
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Did you know the USA and Mexico existed pre Columbus? I sure didn't.
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