Library of Ruina/Lobotomy Corp

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12ish hours till the Arbiter(s) and Claws.
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Don't call it AoE IV

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Call it AoEII 2.

Age of Empires IV would have been 1900 - 2000.


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For the discussion of Onslaughts, modded Onslaughts and your love of Onslaughts

Want all these Onslaughts in vanilla:

Got Onslaughts, link the mods and I'll add 'em to this mod.
You want a Paragon thread? Go somewhere else.

Since this thread is now specifically about Onsluts and not a general Starsector thread, if the mods delete it, it confirms they're Tri-Tachyon cucks. The only way to delete this thread without being a Tri-Cuck is to delete all the Heart Of Iron threads that are constantly reoccurring on /vg/ - and fall foul of rule 3....
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>Everyone at Petroglyph sincerely appreciates all of your support and enthusiasm for Earthbreakers.
>Since starting this project last year we have been approached by a publisher to work on an exciting new game that has required all our available resources, including the majority of the Earthbreakers team.
>new game that has required all our available resources
It's fucking Empire at War 2. It's happening bros.

Amazing Cultivation Simulator

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Let's discuss strategies and stuff.

>What is Amazing Cultivation Simulator?
It's a Chinese Wuxia / Xianxia (more the former) Sect building simulator where you recruit disciples and train them up with cultivation through various tiers of power. Looks like Rimworld but is fairly dissimilar.

If you don't like the game or object to long discussions, that's nice but pls go and stay go.
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The Zergs time traveled back to the Middle Ages. Which AOE II civs would deal with them the best?

I just wanna see Teutonic Knights slicing through zergling hordes.
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What's the difference between owning a state and having it as your puppet instead other than you not being able to raise troops from it? Is there a significant difference between having a puppet and a country in your sphere? I heard something about "internal markets" but I'm not sure about what that does or the benefits of it. Not using the land for troops anyway since it feels unnecessary.
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Battle Brothers bread

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Place your bets
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This is the only RTS I've been able to play in recent memory. It's heavily flawed but what it does right it really does right
>Supremely comfy 3d visual and music
>Each level usually unlocks a new unit or building, always something to look forward to
>Every level is a massive uphill battle and the game/story hypes it up as such too
Everything else like the 6 races and being able to customize your hero was icing on the cake. Every other RTS I played I end up dropping a few in minutes but despite being heavily flawed this one stuck. I can't even put my finger on why it feels so comfy compared to other RTS'.
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Do any of you have any experience with persuading developers to make the right choices? Just as an example: let's say you want to persuade the developers to create a certain civ, how would you do that?
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