Civilization 6 thread

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Civ 6 thread

Waiting on any news regarding another expansion, patch or even Civ 7. In the meantime shitpost about strats, waifus and themes. Opening question: Which unit is the absolute worst in the game, even after the patch was released? For me it's the Saka Horse Archer, it's still trash, it went from stupidly squishy to a little bit harder but it's still an archer with one range. Honorable mention goes to the crouching tiger.
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Age of Empires II - Definitive Edition

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What civ do you pick?
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why cant I have fun with Total War anymore? I dont even enjoy the older games anymore
the only thing thats fun is NTW3 but I dont have the right friends for it
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Starsector thread

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Tactical shooters

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Arma/OFP has always reigned supreme, but Rainbow Six 3, Hidden & Dangerous 2, Swat 4, and Terra Nova SFC are good games too. I'm not much of a Ghost Recon fan.
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victoria 2 thread

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anyone playing victoria 2? how is your campaign going anons?
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Best Tropico game?
Some people keep recommending the 4th one, is there any reason why it's better than 6 or 5?
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Come home /vst/ man

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Im going to explain why HOI2 Arma with 1.3 Beta patch is the best HOI game.

>But HOI 4 is better
Hoi 4 is casual trash with meme shit. If you like memes and not serious WW2 then maybe its for you.
>But muh hoi3
Filled with bugs and autism
>but muh Darkest Hour
AI pretty much NEVER does Naval Invasions so the game becomes boooring. Also everything is railroaded with events and decisions nothing happens naturally anymore
>BUT MUH Arsenal of Democracy
This is the only legit competitor. But it suffers from inbalances. One of these imbalances is how OP Germany is. But apart from that AOD can be an alternative to HOI2.

So in conculsion. If you like your games fun, Dont like meme focuses like HOI4, Dont like boring and railroaded gameplay from Darkest Hour and dont like the too much autism from HOI3 then HOI2 is for you.
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Post your current sects, I want to see what you're all up to. I feel like whenever anyone else talks about the game they almost never show their sect or talk about the specifics of it at all.

>What is Amazing Cultivation Simulator?
It's a Chinese Wuxia / Xianxia (more the former) Sect building simulator where you recruit disciples and train them up with cultivation through various tiers of power. Looks like Rimworld but is fairly dissimilar.
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Football Manager

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Football manager belongs on /vst/ and its about time /trb/ on /sp/ move here
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