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Good afternoon troops,

We are now into planning and prep mode for the 4chan World Cup and just wanted to touch base and see how everyone was feeling regarding the team. This is probably the last time we can make changes so I wanted to make sure we were all happy with what we have right now. If there any issues with the team or an aspect of the team we you don't like, let me know and if it's a glaring issue that enough people are bringing up then we'll address. The roster will not be changing however, this will only be changing between cups.

Meanwhile I'm working on the stadium and I am still in need of images to be used in the stadium so any memes or images you feel should be displayed in the stadium, add them in here. Also I know there was an idea regarding making a "VEE ESS TEE" chant, I'm happy to make this but I need your help to provide voices for the chant so you can submit a vocaroo recording and post it here or you can send me a recording to [email protected]