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Traditional rts

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Does anyone know a traditional rts game like lambda wars?

Fire Emblem

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let's have a fire emblem thread
what are you strategies when you play? your fav units?

For me i love myrmidon girls, and village archer girls. they're always my strongest units by end game
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Rome Remastered

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New factions incoming in the next patch for the RTR:IS mod.

As much as I enjoy the other mods, RTR:IS has been reliably stable and polished than all the others. This is a good go-to while other mods stabilize.
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Forgotten RTS

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Let's find how many people remember these forgotten games
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Sengoku Rance

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Wanna give this game a go since I heard the game by itself is fun, any advice on the strategy and priorities to take?
Please keep waifu posting to a minimum.
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Lands Of Lords

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>Ever wanted to play Crusader Kings 2 but persistently multiplayer with actual domain and city management? Search no more, this is the game you're looking for.
Lands of Lords thread.
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I haven't played this game for like 6 months. has anything changed or did they add anything in the game? Is it worth downloading again?
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What were some of the weirdest and worst picks for "empires" in historical strategy games like civ, age and what not? Stuff most people don't even know about like Mapuche, Lithuania, Maori, weird concepts like Civ 4 "native americans" of Civ1 Shaka with Zimbabwe as capital. To an extent also, Civs that are just in for money, like Rise of Nations giving Korea unique graphics, or how Brazil and Poland have been making it past the line over more relevant civilizations just because of buyer bases.
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Simcity & other city builders thread

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What is better, grid or non-grid?
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Only fun nations are Soviet Union and England and maybe sometimes when you create random empires from small nations
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