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lets talk about homeworld and where to find the artbook for deserts of kharak
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What are ya buildan anon?

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Post cities you're building. Simple as.
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Business Games Thread!

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Post about business games here. Bonus points if it's obscure!
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Lobotomy Corporation/Library of Ruina/Limbus Company

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Hearts of Iron 4

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How do I beat China as Japan? My invasion is stalling right here and attrition is destroying my units.
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Europa Universalis IV Thread /eu4/

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>ban gays
>ban trannies
>ban muzzies
>ban atheists
>ban liberals
>fully found the military
>introduce constant surveillance
>remove healthcare
>remove taxes for the top 1%
>ban state run companies
>country now runs like clockwork, maxxed out GDP, constant surplus and permanent 70%+ in elections
not what I expected from the devs desu
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What was the last /vst/ you were actually excited for?
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Lands of Lords

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It's finally happened bros. The core lords of Ingerland have banded together to defeat the Tilean collaborator Sneed and his ambitions of becoming king. REMEMBER GRUG! DEATH TO TRANNIES!
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So, are you gonna get this? and which faction are you gonna choose first?
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