Koei strategy game thread

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How come nobody seems to talk about koei’s strategy titles ? I’ve dabbled in some of them and they seem neat

Library of Ruina now has more book drops

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and a few more things.
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Question to Shadow empire player.
What is your take on crime syndicate, corporations and cults?
Its really fell bare bones for me and when cults are benefit, crime and corpo feel like a too much bothersome to even play with it.
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Advance Wars

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>"I wish for a new main timeline Advance Wars game to be released this year!"
Your wish has been granted. Come discuss the best tactics game series.
Fire Emblem a shit.
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Lands of Lords

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Land of Lords is a browser based feudal simulator. A mix between CK2, citybuilder and EVE online. RP is highly encouraged and you develop relationships with your neighbors, your liege lords, and perhaps beyond. It's highly autistic, has awful UI, an admin team that hates you, and it's a lot of fun.
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Oh no, you've just been selected! Say your line now!
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dreamhack qualifiers rn
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so what went wrong?
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battle brothers thread

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Are nachzherers overpowered or underpowered? I think they are fine outside of the arena
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Heard really good things about this game and bought the Remastered Collection on steam. It has the first two games and their remastered versions. So /vst/, should I play the original ones first or should I just jump into the remastered versions?
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