Lands of Lords

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Which of your goods have/had recived medals?
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I'm looking up some games from my childhood and remembered this one. Opinions? Is it worth a playthrough these days?

stargate rts by slytherine

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couldn't find much info about which team is making it, or which games they've made so far but this article says it's going to be an rts following an oc donut steel team (not sg-1) and mostly original locations
there's a teaser in there and it says it's the people who did bsg: deadlock and starship troopers terran command (not yet released) but i'm not sure if it's literally the same people working on it.

thoughts? hyped? mildly interested? convinced it's gonna suck ass? i'm mildly interested because i love stargate and both battlestar galactica deadlock was decent (of course i pirated, it's got 30 dlcs) and the upcoming st game looks good but not great.
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> "Let us make a simulation game with a shitty single threaded engine!"
what was this retard thinking?
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Post your current sects, I want to see what you're all up to. I feel like whenever anyone else talks about the game they almost never show their sect or talk about the specifics of it at all.

>What is Amazing Cultivation Simulator?
It's a Chinese Wuxia / Xianxia (more the former) Sect building simulator where you recruit disciples and train them up with cultivation through various tiers of power. Looks like Rimworld but is fairly dissimilar.
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Dawn of war + expansions

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Best to worst campaign ?
Best to worst skirmish ?
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Evil Genius 2

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Discuss this game and what needs to be fixed.
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battle brothers

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How often do you wipe?
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Shadow Empire thread

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Stable update finally, 1.09. Gauss weapons were made better and pushed earlier into the tech tree so there's less reason to skip them for lasers. Bunch of other minor shit.
Anyone else notice menu slowdown on turn 100+?
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